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I read somewhere that mosquitoes don't like certain essential oils, eucalyptus, lemon grass, and lavender, so, I combined them and rub a bit on me before I go outside because mosquitoes just feast on me and suck all my blood. Try this on your skin, it's so much safer than swaddling yourself in something called killer. If I get bit I itch like a crazy woman, scratching so that I rip shreds of skin off. I've found that Rescue Remedy cream [I by it at the health food store] does a good job of taking the itch away.

go pick from the garden
5-8 basil leaves
7-12 fingerling zuchinnis
5-8 Hungarian banana Peppers
8-10 squash blossoms
1 small chicken breast
Himalyan Crystal salt
celery seeds
sprinkle of Garam Masala
3 ozs of homemade bread crumbs*
-2 farm fresh eggs beaten and seasoned with Himalyan crystal salt, pepper, celery seed

First I dip the cleaned squash blossoms [I found that bees get stuck inside and I like my bees alive, so I let them go outside] in the egg mixture, then shake them in the homemade breadcrumbs, then put in a heated frying pan with 4 tbs of coconut oil melted in it, stir the squash blossoms gently, remove cooked blossoms, add sliced zuchinnis and banana peppers, I usually cut both in medallions but since they were so fresh and small I decided to just cut off the ends and slice them lengthwise. Saute' them gently for a few minutes, remove and put in, the hot frying pan, seasoned chicken breast. When the chicken is done sprinkle it with garam Masala- feast! It actually takes longer to read this recipe than it is to cook it.

This makes enough to bread several chickens

3 pieces of JEWISH RYE toast allowed to dry thoroughly
2 tbs.Katy's essence [or to taste, it's sort of hot]*
2 tsp.sea salt [I like the Himalayan crystal][also to taste]
1 Tbs. celery seeds
1 Tbs. chia seeds
1Tbs. Italian herbs [I grow and grind my own, I mix it- 1part Oregano, 1 part Basil, 2 parts Parsley]
1 Tbs. garlic powder
1 tsp. black pepper
anything else you like...I store this rolled up and air expelled, in a slide lock plastic bag in the freezer to keep it fresh. It can be used over and over, just fill with chicken, slide the lock, and shake.

*Katy's essence
This is about medium hot and the heat can be adjusted by using more of less of the spice
I've sent this out to friends all over the US because when I make it every year I make a lot!
When I say a part I use a bottle of spice, it can be any size as long as all 'parts' are the same size.
3 parts of paprika [I love paprika anyway]
2 parts sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt
2 parts garlic powder
1 part black pepper
1 part onion powder
1/2 part Cayenne powder
1 part Italian herbs [I grow and grind my own, I mix it- 1part Oregano, 1 part Basil, 2 parts Parsley]
1 part crushed red pepper
2 part chili powder
put it all in your food processor to grind up the Italian herbs and crushed red pepper so it's Incorporated well into the other spices which are powders.

I juice fresh veggies every day and there is lots of pulp left so I use it to make crackers that are good for me because being dried they are still raw vegetables, and no flour to mess up my blood sugar. I use them to scoop hummus, with soup and for salsa.
Mix bowlful of veggie pulp [I usually have celery, carrots, 1 jalapeno pepper, zucchini, basil, kale, and a little garlic in my batches, and anything else I feel like might be yummy from my garden. I add extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, flax seeds, sea salt and ground chia to my mixture, toss and make into hand palm sized balls, press together in a flattened roundish cracker place them in my dehydrator gently salt, turn it on until they are crisp, not flaky. Keep the in a jar or zipper lock bag.

Well that's all for today, remember your health is the most important possession you have; eat right and your body will reward you with great health.

I drink lots of purified water.... pure-go filtering water bottles

And I'm taking:Thyromine, it has Adrenal Powder from Bovine, ginger, Guglipid, Nori, Piper Longu, Thyroid Powder From Bovine, and L-Tyrosine. You can check out the website to see what each ingredient does. It starts at $39.95 for a month's supply.
I'm also still working to get rid of the diabetes so I'm taking:
CellPower™ because for one thing it does have lots of digestive enzymes in it, also it helps to balance the pH levels and is antibiotic, anti-viral-and anti-fungal AND IT PACKS THE CELLS WITH LIFE-GIVING OXYGEN, AND ENERGY. And:SELENIUMhelps immune system,fights infection and aids circulation
~MAGNESIUMhelps to relax you, aids stress and muscle relaxing
~CHROMIUMimproves insulin sensitivity, and helps lower blood sugar.
~ZINC especially to help you heal.
I also eat, one of the best fats for the Omega-3~6 balance and losing weight.
~coconut oil

And I am substantially benefiting from each and every method I recommend.

Write to me at Webriter@verizon.net or use the comment or chat features. I do appreciate the feedback even if it’s negative, Christian Biblical stories
Natural herbal remedies
blessings Everyone needs at least one of these for their emergency kits:
pure-go filtering water bottles
It lasts for approximately 1 year. If a person drinks 3 bottles of water per day the cost of the bottle is equals less than 3 cents per fill up.


~~~Jokes And inspirations/quotes~~~
Scott, an insurance broker in Florida, loves ocean fishing and takes his cell phone along on the boat. One morning we were drifting about ten miles offshore as Scott discussed business on the phone. Suddenly his rod bent double, and the reel screamed as line poured off the spool.
Scott was master of the situation. "Pardon me," he told his customer calmly. "I have a call on another line."
When I picked up my wife from work one afternoon, she seemed irritated. She confessed that the day hadn't gone well, and on top of everything else, a young customer had addressed her as "ma'am."
"I'm not that old," she insisted. "I deserve more respect!" She vented the whole way home while hitting the scan button on the radio. Finally I asked, "What are you looking for?"
She replied, "The oldies station."
I was sitting behind an enthusiastic mom at my son's Little League game. Her boy was pitching for the opposing team and she cheered as he threw one wild pitch after another. The poor kid walked every batter. It was only the first inning and the score was 14-0. Then one batter finally smacked the ball. "Oh no," the mom wailed. "There goes his no-hitter."
Protected Status
Boss, to four of his employees: "I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to let one of you go."
Black employee: "I'm a minority."
Female employee: "And I'm a woman."
Oldest employee: "Fire me, buster, and I'll hit you with an age discrimination suit so fast it'll make your head spin."
They all turn to look at the helpless young, white, male employee, who thinks a moment, then responds: "I think I might be gay?"
Where Did That Come From?
The navy psychiatrist was interviewing a potential sailor. To check on the young man's response to trouble, the psychiatrist asked, "What would you do if you looked out of that window right now and saw a battleship coming down the street?"
The young sailor said, "I'd grab a torpedo and sink it."
"Where would you get the torpedo?"
"The same place you got your battleship!"
Windoze Quotes
• "How much do Windows cost, and do you have to buy each one separately?"
• Customer: "How much do Windows cost?"
Tech Support: "Windows costs about $100."
Customer: "Oh, that's kind of expensive. Can I buy just one window?"
• Tech Support: "Do you have any windows open right now?"
Customer: "Are you crazy woman, it's twenty below outside..."
• "I try to avoid using Microsoft. That's why I use MS-DOS."
• Tech Support: "How can I help you?"
Customer: "Well, everything is working fine, but there is one program that is not."
Tech Support: "What program is it?"
Customer: "It's called 'MSDOS Prompt'."
Tech Support: "What's wrong with it?"
Customer: "Well, I click on it, a black screen shows up with NOTHING but a sign that reads: 'C:\WINDOWS>', and it just sits there and doesn't do anything. I have to turn off the system to go back to Windows."
• Customer: "File manager? What's that?"
Tech Support: "How long have you had your computer?"
Customer: "Three years."
• "I have a 386 Pentium."
• "My brother has a 486 with a Pentium chip in it."
• Customer: "The computer told me it had contagious memory. Does it have a virus?"
Tech Support: "No, that is 'contiguous' memory, as in 'sequential'."
Customer: "That is impossible, it said 'contagious'."
Tech Support: "Type 'mem' and hit the 'enter' key."
Customer: "Oh."
• "My computer's telling me I performed an illegal abortion."
Crash Landing
A Plane was flying through the jungle when suddenly the engine stalled. The pilot ejected and drifted gently down to land.
Unfortunately he landed in a large cooking pot which was gently simmering over a low fire.
All the local tribesmen turned to look at him until the chief, blinking in disbelief asked, "What's this flier doing in my soup?"
Be blessed today with a bumper crop of great food from whatever your source and be in good health.

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