Wednesday, February 28, 2007

later and some information, recipe, books you need

Wednesday, Feb.28, 2007 8pm approx.
My evening blood sugar reading was disappointing it was 161 but as we all know any excitement or change in our day can change the reading. I had some honey on my peanut butter sandwich for Lunch, I must admit I do cheat a bit, I take fat blockers before Lunch and dinner, it helps to flush out any fat I may inadvertantly ingest.
I want to give you a really good recipe:
~~~~~~~~~~~~skip this if you aren't interested~~~~~~~
feel free to substitute, but do not use red meat, EVER!
1 plump boneless/skinless chicken breast
handfull of brocolli bits
i/4 medium can or stewed tomatoes
1/4 package of frozen pepper mix (sweet peppers, of course)
2 cloves of garlic
olive oil (a drizzle, I never measured it) 2 tbs?
handful of cooked whole wheat noodles or what ever you can find.
Paprika-to ttaste
Lemon pepper-to taste
put olive oil, extra-virgin, Please!in your saute pan [frying pan]
Saute up the chicken cubed into the size you like to eat sprinkled liberally with paprika, I love the taste on food, it's not hot, HONEST! then with Lemon Pepper, add the tomatoes, cook covered until it's all pretty well cooked, add cooked noodles mix up and eat!
this is about enough for two if you don't mind going hungry or one if you've worked all day
Ok I'm back, I got so excited writing this blog; I forgot the usual disclaimers. OK, here goes:
This blog is purely my own opinions and experience, if you wish to veer off the mainstream and follow my example you do it at your own risk, I suggest you consult with your health professional who will tell you I'm crazy. I have studied Alternative medicine for the last three decades so I know a thing or two, I'm just saying I only experiment on myself, so there.
Here are a few good books to check out and I want to give you those now so you can never say I've never done anything for you.Reversing Diabetes A lifestyle program for controlling and reversing diabetes without dependence on insulin therapy is presented by the author of "Reversing Heart Disease". Includes an updated diet plan, new recipes, and the pros and cons of the newest Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.
as you can see by clicking this link it's not that expensive, in fact it's much cheaper than I got it for, I'm jealous.
The Sugar Solution has a comprehensive Glysemic index in it.
And very important:
The Perricone Promise by Nicholas Perricone, MD
this can be bought really cheap. Again, I'm jealous. GET it READ it and more importantly, APPLY it to you life.
I get paid nothing for these books but I know they will help you change your life as they are changing mine.
I'm hoping to hear from you folks soon to tell me your own miracle stories.

late night blood sugar reading

It's been so long and I was absolutely shocked but before dinner my Blood Sugar reading was 87, then I ate dinner, I made a small chicken breast, boneless and skinless chopped in nuggets, sauteed it in olive oil, added brocolli, celery, garlic minced, several pieces of canned tomatoes, one medium onion, for several minutes, I then drizzled in canned milk [it's fat-'free']. I had this over some home-made noodles. This was filling and yummy, Finally I've found a way to fill up on non-damaging fattening foods.
I read Dr. Julian Whittaker's book "REVERSING DIABETES". One of the things he said was that we eat entirely too much protein. Since then I've tried hard to get the huge portions of protein OUT of my diet. One of the ways I do it is to eat stir-fried dishes. This was plenty of food for me, I had a large bowl, And later I had a large cup of cocoa. I got ready for bed at about 1AM, my normal time to sleep (I don't sleep well anyway, going to bed late helps me.) I decided to check my Blood Sugar again, this time it was 88 and I was alarmed, even after having the sugary (I do not use any fake sweeteners, they are dangerous)cocoa, it was still very low. Well, Dr. Julian says it's really not so much the sugar as the fat in our diets that raises the blood sugar, And of course it is the fat I'm severely reducing at this time, however to hedge my bets I've also eaten virtually no sugar. But... this is late and my blood sugar is very low, for me. SO,I ate my granola bar I leave in my purse for emergencies. No worries this AM my blood sugar is only 124. I THINK IT'S WORKING! YAY!
I've been taking the 70/30 15 units in the AM and again before Dinner, Today I'll be reducing my evening dose to 10units, if it's as low as it was yesterday.
I forgot to tell you but one of my favorite supplements from before I was starving myself to get rid of this nuisance disease was Optimum Diabetics, it's guaranteed and they have plans where you can get a month or two supply for free.
For those of you following this, with hope and fear, TAKE HEART ME HARTIES. This too shall pass. After I kick this you will know how to also.
Here are the basics,
>stay very low on fat, less that 3 grams per day
>stay low on starchy carbs, and eat very few prepared foods
>add supplements like cinnamon, Chromium, Magnesium and at least one anti-oxident to your diet. Even better get a good diabetic formula multi.
>eat tiny meals,
>eat fish, not fried!!!!!!
>eat much less protein, this can be done gradually
>hold down on salt, try adding salt-less spices
>add garlic and peppers to your diet
>yes, exercise, at least move around every day
>keep track of your blood sugar and weight, you will get excited and it helps to stay on the diet
>REMEMBER,people have reversed this disease and YOU CAN TOO!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To reverse diabetes, get your health back

I'll be honest with you I'm a sitter, I don't like to move around much, I've put on weight as I got older, I'm 58 and counting [heh heh]. I knew I had diabetes about 12 years ago, but I've been treading water in an Egyptian river. [I was in de-Nile]. About two years ago I figured I should start taking care of this problem, but without health insurance I was on my own. I got a meter and bought some insulin [no prescription required], I got some advice from my mother who had had diabetes for years. It turns out she really didn't know what she was talking about. A year ago she died from complications of Diabetes.
OK here's the deal. I finally went to a free-clinic Doctor who told me it was impossible to reverse Diabetes, and that I'd be on insulin for the rest of my life. I then went to visit the information nurse who gave me literature and advised me on injection locations. She told me that, "yes, it's possible to reverse Diabetes, but it's very hard." she told me this four times. Well I personally knew two men who did this sucessfully and are now non-diabetics. Having been told it was impossible and that it's too hard was all I needed to hear. About 4 1/2 weeks ago I quit eating any more than just enough to keep me alive. I have three meals, but they are very small I also eat mostly fresh things; some exceptions include some prepared spices, canned sardines, and whole wheat bread. Oh and I've been keeping busy, not exercising per se but busy in my shop making things I've been wanting to do anyway. It keeps me from thinking about food, and it burns off those pesky calories and of course blood sugar units.
I've lost 15 pounds and dropped nearly 150 points in my blood sugar levels, I also take some supplements.
I read somewhere that cinnamon lowers blood sugar so I bought some of that in capsule form. I also take Milkthistle, chromium, Fish oil, and Flax seed oil Bilberry and Eyebright is good to keep my eyes healthy from the diabetic complications I know that Alpha Lipoic acid is great also.Finally,Garlic and Hawthorn are also in my list of best supplements for my heart and circulation.