Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To reverse diabetes, get your health back

I'll be honest with you I'm a sitter, I don't like to move around much, I've put on weight as I got older, I'm 58 and counting [heh heh]. I knew I had diabetes about 12 years ago, but I've been treading water in an Egyptian river. [I was in de-Nile]. About two years ago I figured I should start taking care of this problem, but without health insurance I was on my own. I got a meter and bought some insulin [no prescription required], I got some advice from my mother who had had diabetes for years. It turns out she really didn't know what she was talking about. A year ago she died from complications of Diabetes.
OK here's the deal. I finally went to a free-clinic Doctor who told me it was impossible to reverse Diabetes, and that I'd be on insulin for the rest of my life. I then went to visit the information nurse who gave me literature and advised me on injection locations. She told me that, "yes, it's possible to reverse Diabetes, but it's very hard." she told me this four times. Well I personally knew two men who did this sucessfully and are now non-diabetics. Having been told it was impossible and that it's too hard was all I needed to hear. About 4 1/2 weeks ago I quit eating any more than just enough to keep me alive. I have three meals, but they are very small I also eat mostly fresh things; some exceptions include some prepared spices, canned sardines, and whole wheat bread. Oh and I've been keeping busy, not exercising per se but busy in my shop making things I've been wanting to do anyway. It keeps me from thinking about food, and it burns off those pesky calories and of course blood sugar units.
I've lost 15 pounds and dropped nearly 150 points in my blood sugar levels, I also take some supplements.
I read somewhere that cinnamon lowers blood sugar so I bought some of that in capsule form. I also take Milkthistle, chromium, Fish oil, and Flax seed oil Bilberry and Eyebright is good to keep my eyes healthy from the diabetic complications I know that Alpha Lipoic acid is great also.Finally,Garlic and Hawthorn are also in my list of best supplements for my heart and circulation.

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tamlovesran said...

How do you buy insulin without a prescription? I am Type I and cannot get insurance. I could control my bs without a doctors assistance, but thought I needed one for prescriptions.
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God bless,