Wednesday, February 28, 2007

late night blood sugar reading

It's been so long and I was absolutely shocked but before dinner my Blood Sugar reading was 87, then I ate dinner, I made a small chicken breast, boneless and skinless chopped in nuggets, sauteed it in olive oil, added brocolli, celery, garlic minced, several pieces of canned tomatoes, one medium onion, for several minutes, I then drizzled in canned milk [it's fat-'free']. I had this over some home-made noodles. This was filling and yummy, Finally I've found a way to fill up on non-damaging fattening foods.
I read Dr. Julian Whittaker's book "REVERSING DIABETES". One of the things he said was that we eat entirely too much protein. Since then I've tried hard to get the huge portions of protein OUT of my diet. One of the ways I do it is to eat stir-fried dishes. This was plenty of food for me, I had a large bowl, And later I had a large cup of cocoa. I got ready for bed at about 1AM, my normal time to sleep (I don't sleep well anyway, going to bed late helps me.) I decided to check my Blood Sugar again, this time it was 88 and I was alarmed, even after having the sugary (I do not use any fake sweeteners, they are dangerous)cocoa, it was still very low. Well, Dr. Julian says it's really not so much the sugar as the fat in our diets that raises the blood sugar, And of course it is the fat I'm severely reducing at this time, however to hedge my bets I've also eaten virtually no sugar. But... this is late and my blood sugar is very low, for me. SO,I ate my granola bar I leave in my purse for emergencies. No worries this AM my blood sugar is only 124. I THINK IT'S WORKING! YAY!
I've been taking the 70/30 15 units in the AM and again before Dinner, Today I'll be reducing my evening dose to 10units, if it's as low as it was yesterday.
I forgot to tell you but one of my favorite supplements from before I was starving myself to get rid of this nuisance disease was Optimum Diabetics, it's guaranteed and they have plans where you can get a month or two supply for free.
For those of you following this, with hope and fear, TAKE HEART ME HARTIES. This too shall pass. After I kick this you will know how to also.
Here are the basics,
>stay very low on fat, less that 3 grams per day
>stay low on starchy carbs, and eat very few prepared foods
>add supplements like cinnamon, Chromium, Magnesium and at least one anti-oxident to your diet. Even better get a good diabetic formula multi.
>eat tiny meals,
>eat fish, not fried!!!!!!
>eat much less protein, this can be done gradually
>hold down on salt, try adding salt-less spices
>add garlic and peppers to your diet
>yes, exercise, at least move around every day
>keep track of your blood sugar and weight, you will get excited and it helps to stay on the diet
>REMEMBER,people have reversed this disease and YOU CAN TOO!!!

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