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After one has worked on weight loss or getting one's blood sugar to normal levels, for some time there is a time when a plateau is reached. Sometimes bad habits have crept in and the weight is not coming off because of that, or just that the body's metabolism has reached a balance between intake, output and exercise. I guess this would be the time to up the exercise and lower the intake again.

We can actually live on much less food than our modern society seems to think. Reaching satiety is tricky is one has accustomed one body to live on large meals and several snacks. I want to say here that I do not believe in snacks, meals are good enough. I know the ADA has recommended that one eat 6 small meals per day, but what is a 'small meal'? If you check out the portions at your favorite restaurant the meals are hardly small. Would 1/2 that be right or 1/4? Actually a 'small meal' is just a snack, and just a few bites. Most people don't want to live on small snacks and no three course meals so psychologically snacks just won't do it. Just my opinion, here.

To get back to exercise; I'm a firm believer in going slowly, if you go too hard at the inception of an exercise program you might burn out when the next day is filled with so much pain you can't go on.

Anyway if you plateau out on your weight loss, as I have a regrouping might be in order. This might be a good time to get more exercise, check the diet for bad habits and eliminate them and go on from there. Losing a lot of weight take a long time. Losing weight so that you don't have hanging folds of flab takes time and exercise.

I did try to do some research on this subject but all I am finding these days is stuff like "HFCS isn't so bad." and "I'm sure the FDA wouldn't allow any cancer-causing substance to be on the market."[talking about Aspartame here].

I can't lend any credence to their nonsense by using their quotes as research, so today you are stuck with my opinions. I am checking out my diet, I have allowed some bad habits creep in and I'll be raising my exercise levels and I know that taking :cell power
and keep as many alkalizing foods in my diet as I can, and For weight control, lowering Cholesterol, and balancing the Omega -3's and Omega-6 intake I'm still taking a tablespoon of For weight loss I'm still takingcoconut oil

are helping to make me well, and by the way it's working on the candidiasis also! My teeth sparkle, I kid you not, and while I haven't lost more weight, I'm holding my own and my blood sugar, blood pressure, AND MY pH, ARE staying in the normal range. I feel better every day and I am much happier than I ever have been my whole life.

I really need to mention again about the four essential minerals a diabetic needs:
The four essential minerals for diabetic support I take these every day.
If you click on these links you’ll see more about why they are essential:


Magnesium, a benefit to heart, muscles, and liver

Selenium~ a benefit to the immune system, diabetes is an immune system dis-ease

Zinc~!the healing mineral


Many years ago a friend of mine called Joe worked in the coal mines. He would go to work early in the morning, go down the mine to the coal face and do his eight hour stint, then come back to the surface to get ready to come home. He followed this daily routine faithfully for years on end, down the mine in the morning and up at the end of his shift. Down then up, down then up. One day whilst he was at the coal face he swung his pick ax and the point went deep into a rock. He eventually managed to remove the pick ax from the rock, and as he did so he was engulfed in a deluge of water. He was absolutely drenched by the water, and his work mates remarked that he looked about 10 years younger since the water had covered him. They all tried to get soaked, and those that managed did indeed look 10 years younger. He, and those of his friends who had managed to get covered by the water, were thankful but they couldn't stop wondering why they had only been made to look 10 years younger. Why hadn't they been made to look 20 or 25 years younger than they really were?
It must be obvious that it was only a miner miracle

I had been planning this for almost a year. I had two tickets to the Rolling Stones concert at The Pond. I had slept overnight at the box-office and tickets were sold out in the first hour. I was one of the few at our school who were lucky enough to get a pair of tickets. They had cost a full month's allowance. It was my first date with Karen, the head cheerleader and the most popular girl at the school. I have had a crush on her since the sixth grade. Dad had given me the keys to his new Cantera. He had never allowed me to drive it before. Nothing could go wrong. This would be the perfect evening and hopefully the start of a long relationship. When I was about to leave, my mother called me. She had just received a frantic call from my older sister, Linda. Her car had stalled on the freeway and she was late for work. I would have to go pick her up, take her to work, and then see that her car was towed to the nearest garage. I would have to cancel my date. I immediately refused, telling Mom it was impossible for me to do that. My mother was irate. "Don't you have any sense of responsibility," she asked. "It's not that,"
I answered. . . . "I just can't be a brother and assist her."

A writer is a person for whom writing is more
difficult than it is for other people.
-- Thomas Mann

What others think of us would be of little moment
did it not, when known, so deeply tinge what we
think of ourselves.
-- Paul Valery

Art is science made clear.
-- Jean Cocteau

And on that note I’ll be saying good by, Have a great day, may you live long and prosper! May you find fresh pasture and cool shade. Be blessed my friends!
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