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I go to see 'my' doctor about every 4-6 months. Since we have no medical insurance and in all my years of working for others I haven't had medical insurance, I've been forced to take care of myself. I found, very early on that I'm extremely sensitive to drugs and refuse all offers of them. I go to a free clinic here and usually get the nurse practitioner as my 'doctor'. I decide how much insulin I give myself. I had no teaching except the bare basics because we have no insurance. The only thing I was taught was the shot locations I was to rotate to, and why.

Since I learned about rotation, however I found out that giving shots in the belly made more of the insulin I did take available to my body. Arm and leg shots somehow are less efficient. I read that somewhere, I forget to put all the little nuggets I find in my blog, I'm trying to rectify that.
I prefer my natural solutons to druggish things. My girlfriend stays on the ADA diet, exercises like a guinea pig on a wheel she takes the Avandia type diabetic drugs and her blood glucose levels are all over the place every day; way up and way down. I'll stick with CellPower™ cellpower~natural cures,natural alternative medicine,body rescue alkalizing,most alkalizing,alkalizing drops,body ph health<br />natural healing,cell health,oxygenate,cellpower,detoxify.
Anyway I make decisions on how much insulin I give myself, by myself, I base them on a day-by-day reaction to how well something worked the days before, I used to [in my opinion, overdose myself using guidelines I yes, devised myself] but recently way slowed down on how much I give myself. I generally hold it to 15 units regardless of how high my blood glucose goes. I like to keep a regular schedule but you know how that goes, I get away from home and must eat before I get home and check my blood levels. When that happens and I finally take my readings of course it will be higher. But since I know I do well, even best with 10 units twice per day I try to keep it at that amount. When the reading is below 100 I give myself 5 units, anywhere above 125 it's 15. But since I want my body to adjust to less and less insulin, and stop being insulin resistant I am trying to give myself less and less.

Now here's where the doctor stuff comes in. They never ask me how much insulin I give myself. Now when I took care of elderly people with insulin therapy, the docs used to pour over the ledger of blood sugar readings and adjust the amounts I should give at certain levels, 'course They had insurance. For instance if the average was 200-260 they might recommend 30 units, at 180-200 maybe 25, and so on, I'm making this up so don't go by me. The language the doctor used was always iffy sounding like, "Well, let's see, why not try this and this, and this." No science behind it no hard and fast rules. Just by guess and by golly, or so it seemed to me. I took my original cue from that. Now I go by my gut. I gauge how I'm doing and how my diet is affecting the levels. I'm not suggesting anyone else follows my ways of doing things, if you have a doctor, let him/her decide for you. I am however, forced to be extremely sensitive to my own needs and to do these gauges for myself, and also I must forge into virgin territories here because officially there is no literature on this reversing process, just, yes, it can be done, but the day to day stuff is purely by winging it.

As I said I'm without much guidance in this area and I'm on my own, but I'm making good progress even though, it seems to have slowed to a crawl. I have other issues that are being resolved along with the diabetes, my candidiasis is going away, It was a multi-systemic problem that is slow to release it's hold on me.

All of my body has been healing up and yes, Diabetes itself affects the entire body's functioning; the candidiasis and IBS are related to each other and exacerbated by each other and the diabetes. With All this interrelated stuf, add to the mix the stroke damage and it seems to have affected so much. I'm just digging myself out of my personal health morass.

Weight is going too, but that also has slowed probably because it's just not the personal push it was. I am comfortable here and it really is hard to actually lose weight [pounds per week rather than pound per month]if one is past menopause. It means days/weeks of going hungry, and I gotta tell you the truth here, it is easier to fast than eat such bland small starvation portions. I also have a balancing act with my beleaguered colon, it works best if full and on starvation diets it doesn't get full enough to empy regularly. Also getting enough fiber is still an issue and on the starvation diet [well it's not really starvation, it just feels like it] I simply can't get enough fiber, no way!

I used candidate for candidiasis
when I first started out on this reversing diabetes diet. I wanted to get a jump start on the complication factors. I also take probiotics in the form of acidophilus and FLAX SEED OIL for my colon, but of course FLAX SEED OIL is also a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

The biggest changes for the better hit me after I started taking CellPower™ cellpower~natural cures,natural alternative medicine,body rescue alkalizing,most alkalizing,alkalizing drops,body ph health<br />natural healing,cell health,oxygenate,cellpower,detoxify with it's cellular oxygenating power, the pH adjustment and bacterial/viral/fungal control has really CHANGED MY LIFE!

The coconut oil

I'm still using is great for cooking and for continued weight loss.

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~~~~Jokes And inspirations~~~~
State Of The World Message

I've had the opportunity to evaluate the condition of the world over the course of the last 48 hours and I'm pleased to report that there are many reasons to be hopeful.

In this short amount of time I've seen a very diverse group of two-year olds build sandcastles together and I stood witness as a nineteen-year-old Japanese woman learned to ride a bicycle for the first time. I watched as the sun rose twice, set twice and became partially eclipsed by the moon. I stared into the eyes of a sea lion and saw myself in his reflection. I shared a table with a seventy-seven year old woman inTijuana who offered me cookies and Seven-Up. I witnessed a car accident on Interstate 5 and a middle-aged trucker sprinting towards the wreckage to see if he could help.

I know that there is much adversity and suffering in today's world... and sometimes I think this is the path we must take to greater wisdom. But there's a lot of love out there too... and I'm convinced that this is still the most powerful force in the world.

By Ron Atchison

THE GOOD NAPKINS...ahhhhh...the joys of having Girls...

My mother taught me to read when I was four years old (her first mistake). One day, I was in the bathroom and noticed one of the
cabinet doors was ajar.

I read the box in the cabinet. I then asked my mother why she was
keeping 'napkins' in the bathroom. Didn't they belong in the kitchen?

Not wanting to burden me with unnecessary facts, she told me that
those were for "special occasions" (her second mistake).

Now fast forward a few months....It's Thanksgiving Day, and my folks are leaving to pick up my uncle and his wife for dinner. Mom had assignments for all of us while they were gone.

Mine was to set the table.

When they returned, my uncle came in first and immediately burst into laughter. Next came his wife who gasped, then began giggling. Next came my father, who roared with laughter.

Then came Mom, who almost died of embarrassment when she saw each place setting on the table with a "special occasion" Kotex napkin at each plate, with the fork carefully arranged on top. I had even tucked the little tail in so they didn't hang off the edge!!

My mother asked me why I used these and, of course, my response sent the other adults into further fits of laughter.

"But, Mom, you said they were for special occasions!!!"

Pass this on to your girlfriends who need a good laugh or anyone who has a daughter!

Life is too short for drama & petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, Love truly and forgive quickly .

I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging
thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any
thinking going on inside it.
-- Terry Pratchett
Gracie Allen's Classic Recipe for Roast Beef
1 large roast of beef
1 small roast of beef
Take the two roasts and put them in the oven.
When the little one burns, the big one is done.

Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose
business it is to separate the wheat from the
chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed.
-- Elbert Hubbard

2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of
-- Grabel's Law

I believe that all government is evil, and that
trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.
-- H. L. Mencken

Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all,
you could be missing out on the joke of the
-- Dame Edna Everage,
Have a great day and make this one the best by starting on your road to recovery even if you have to wing it.

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