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The Flu Vaccine and Antiviral Drugs Won't Stop the Coming Flu Pandemic

There are many articles written these days on the dangers of vaccines, the thimerasol in the vaccines that contains Mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and other harmful ingredients that are routinely give to children and might be the cause of Autism, note: Amish children are not as at-risk for Autism and it could be that they don't allow such vaccines. Now we find out that they up-coming flu epidemic won't be much by the vaccines that are touted every where we go.

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As you may have heard, the world is overdue for a serious flu pandemic that is expected to kill millions of people. In an attempt to control such a situation, governments in many countries are stockpiling flu vaccines and antiviral drugs. The problem is, they don't work as well as researchers originally thought. Especially in older folks.

It's thought that this flu explosion will begin in China as a result of a strain of bird flu. What's scary is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that this strain has mutated many times. And to make matters worse, many of these mutations are now resistant to the antiviral drugs we've stockpiled.

Tamiflu is one antiviral that is effective, but it's a patented drug and not widely available. Besides, the bird flu keeps mutating. What works today won't necessarily work tomorrow. Antivirals won't cure you of the flu. There is no cure for a virus. The best they can do is to reduce symptoms and keep it from spreading quickly.

But there's plenty you can do now to prepare for the pandemic. Get ready now, and don't depend on any vaccine to keep you healthy. Here are some of my suggestions as we head into flu season. You can find more details in past articles from my newsletter, available on my website,, to all newsletter subscribers.

* Wash your hands frequently, and keep them away from your face

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