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IN an attempt to find SOMETHING to write about I was trawling other people's sites for how they are reversing their diabetes. Everyone has their own way and it apparently works for them. I thing just changing enough of what we were doing makes for a healing experience. While I could never, as one man did; go Vegan, he must have done something right, because it worked for him. Another person switched to a lo-fat, lo-protein diet, I guess that is probably an all vegetable diet too. I did see some kind of scary things people advocated and that is soy and corn on a diabetic diet, or any flour. But it took me quite a while of investigative research to find the flaws therein also. What I'm trying to say is this, This is MY journey and it might not work for everyone out there.
However one important thing is, I'd heard several times of people reversing their diabetes which gave me hope and yet no one ever really told me how they did it.

There are a few immutable facts and I'm trying to simplify someone Else's search for their way to do it.

Diet and exercise: While both of these will vary with different people, I think there are some basics here for both categories.

Diet- It has to be best to eat real food, foods without added chemicals but I suppose you can go by the 'conventional wisdom' i.e. the ADA way and do the food exchanges. I wouldn't; but you could. Why exacerbate poor health by eating any processed foods or highly pasteurized, Genetically modified, or adulterated[chemical-laden fake foods]. I guess I'd suggest whole foods lightly cooked or raw, fresh and non-GM.

Exercise-well this is where I see lots of variation, I'm sure it would be best to start a vigorous sweaty, heavy breathing cardio, and aerobic kind of plan, but it doesn't take into account that many with diabetes type 2 are not able to engage in anything strenuous. People with RA, FM, obesity, or other kinds of limiting diseases might need to start slower. Some people like me whose feet were made for sitting might need a different approach instead of the oft-mentioned panacea of walking.

Bicycling would be a great idea, and I'm planning to get a bike as soon as possible. I doubt if biking in the cold snowy weather we are expecting soon will work, we had a stationary bike but it was rusted and the seat wouldn't go down for me to be able to get on it, And you thought 'garden gnome' was just a cute self-deprecating name for myself......

There are a few 'tricks' to reversing diabets they include large doses of cinnamon will lower the blood sugar. I use one that includes the four essential minerals for Diabetics, Fenugreek,Gymnema sylvestre, and Biotin for healing diabetes.

There is also ALPHA LIPOIC ACID as I went into great detail concerning in the:
alpha lipoic acid blog.

There is also the Acid-Alkaline connection I've written about often: I.e. alkalizing your body blog entry.

I've also heavily discussed the benefits of enzymes:What enzymes do for us blog entry.

We talked about causes of Diabetes in our lives:alloxan causes diabetes its in your bread.

I am personally convinced it is the CellPower™ cellpower~natural cures,natural alternative medicine,body rescue alkalizing,most alkalizing,alkalizing drops,body ph health<br />natural healing,cell health,oxygenate,cellpower,detoxify;that has effected the best changes for me. I've been careful to use it as directed and my acid-alkaline balance has leveled out, my blood sugar stays low regardless of my food intake, I's really changed my life, other things I take are:coconut oil

is great for cooking and for continued weight loss. I really notice the difference in my weight control when I'm out of it for a while.
FLAX SEED OIL for my colon, but of course FLAX SEED OIL is also a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids.
Every day.
And one each of the four essential minerals each day:
~SELENIUMhelps immune system,fights infection and aids circulation
~MAGNESIUMhelps to relax you, aids stress and muscle relaxing
~CHROMIUMimproves insulin sensitivity, and helps lower blood sugar.
~ZINC every day.

Be sure to check out my new favorite interactive health message group healthwatch
Write to me at or use the comment or chat features. I do appreciate the feedback even if it’s negative, Christian Biblical stories
Natural herbal remedies


~~~~Jokes And inspirations~~~~

Pulling into my service station 45 minutes late one morning, I shouted to the customers, "I'll turn the pumps on right away!" What I didn't know was that the night crew had left them on all night. By the time I got to the office, most of the cars had filled up and driven off. Only one customer stayed to pay. My heart sank. Then the customer pulled a wad of cash from his pocket and handed it to me. "We kept passing the money to the last guy," he said. "We figured you'd get here sooner or later."

Our first day at a resort my wife and I decided to hit the beach. When I went back to our room to get something to drink, one of the hotel maids was making our bed. I grabbed my cooler and was on my way out when I paused and asked, "Can we drink beer on the beach?"

"Sure," she said, "but I have to finish the rest of the rooms first."
The company I work for offers tours through the historic district of Annapolis, Md., led by guides dressed in Colonial clothing. While leading a group, Dave, one of our guides, tripped and fell, breaking his wrist. He went to the hospital, and as he sat waiting in the emergency room, a policeman walked by. Doing a double take at Dave in his 18th-century garb, he asked, "Just how long have you been waiting?"

I became friendly with the fortune-teller, one of the more popular attractions at the amusement park where I worked. One chilly, windy afternoon, I stopped to chat. "How's business?" I asked. Not good, she said. Only two customers had come by. She then added, "If I'd only known things were going to be this quiet, I wouldn't have bothered to open."

We sell greeting cards at my drugstore. A young woman handed me one to ring up. It read "To the one and only man in my life." Then she handed me a second card -- with the same message.
A co-worker had a unique scheme to meet women. He'd call numbers at random from the phone book. If a man picked up, he apologized for dialing the "wrong" number. But when a woman answered, he'd strike up a conversation. One day, the department manager overheard him bragging how he averaged two dates a week from this ploy. Was he fired? Did he receive a reprimand? No, he was named Director of Telemarketing
My colleague used to work as a receptionist at an upscale salon. After greeting clients, she would ask them to change into a protective gown. One afternoon a serious-looking businessman entered the salon, and was directed to the changing room and told the gowns were hanging on the hooks inside. Minutes later he emerged. "I'm ready," he called out. My friend gasped. Instead of a gown, the man was wearing something another client had left hanging in the room -- a floral blouse with shoulder pads.
I was getting ready for a tag sale one summer day. Since it was so humid out, I decided to stay inside my air-conditioned house and mark the special stickers I had bought for the sale. Then I slapped them on my blouse, ran outside, stuck them on the appropriate items and rushed back inside. I did this until every item was labeled. Later that day a UPS man came by the house with a delivery. I noticed that as I was signing for the package, he seemed ill at ease. It was only after he left that I noticed there was one sticker still attached to the front of my blouse. It read "Make me an offer."
When my wife and I showed up at a very popular restaurant, it was crowded. My wife went up to the hostess and asked, "Will it be long?" The hostess, ignoring her, kept writing in her book. My wife again asked, "How much of a wait?"

The woman looked up. "About ten minutes."

A short time later we heard an announcement over the loudspeaker: "Willette B. Long, your table is ready."

All the world's a stage and most of us are
desperately unrehearsed.
-- Sean O'Casey

There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be
made the creed of the vast majority by adequate
governmental action.
-- Bertrand Russell

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible
lives they must lead.
-- Charles Bukowski, From "Betting on
the Muse"

There's a whiff of the lynch mob or the lemming
migration about any overlarge concentration of
like-thinking individuals, no matter how virtuous
their cause.
-- P. J. O'Rourke, Parliament of
Whores (1991)

Indecision may or may not be my problem.
-- Jimmy Buffett

Have an outrageously wonderful day, Be blessed and filled with Peace and Joy.

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