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Is the FDA the new IRS?

a bit of a different post today, I am alarmed by the FDA's current attempts to aquire power to regulate all imports:
I see the FDA as the new IRS, remember it started out as little agency, just a tiny cog of the Treasury department, now it is is own Judiciary government, unsupervised, uncontrolled and out of control. All it took was Al Capone and the FBI'S desire to imprison him any way they could, it sounded reasonable, go ahead and put debtors in prison for mob activity, now anyone who makes a mistake on their return can spend their lives in prison. Sounded reasonable at first, but bureaucracy tends to explode in it's inefficiencies to epic proportions. If they get their way I won't be able to buy the supplements I need to maintain my health, and will be forced to eat horribly compromised food read on to see more.....

I fear the FDA, they are trying yet another end-run around our laws now, using the current Chinese debacles as their springboard, a politician who just hears the FDA side of things and sees giving over all power to the FDA, as reasonable.

The IRS was instituted the first time by President Lincoln to help pay for the civil war in 1862, it was repealed ten years later, then revived by Congress in 1894 but The Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional the following year.

In 1913, by ratified amendment to the Constitution, voted on by 3/4 of the states the income tax became a permanent headache for every wage-earner in the US. In 1929 to the tune of 24% we all began losing chunks of our paychecks for withholding and Social security payments.

According to the IRS we are customers. However most of us see it as a form of bondage.

What began as a small part of the treasury department, is now a Judiciary government all it's own with the power to spy on, judge, convict and sentence ANYONE to debtor's prison. How this happen?

It all began with a mobster known as Al Capone. He was a big mob boss in Chicago during Prohibition; when alcohol was illegal and the mobs of the Midwest ran wild supplying a thirsty Depression Era crowd with what some called bathtub gin or bootleg whiskey. No one could legally buy or make any 'spirits'. There were no legal night clubs, no taverns, no beer, no whiskey, no evening cocktails, just what ever you could buy on the black market from hoods. Capone had lots of enemies, He and 'Bugs' Moran had a running feud, and there was much bloodshed, Remember the Valentine's day Massacre? That was Capone going after Moran's gang. Also Herbert Hoover and his bastion of FBI thugs hated Capone too. Herbert sent out a decree in those days that he wanted Capone brought down.

Eliot Ness, who began to assemble a team of daring young agents like himself. The biggest effort was led by Elmer Irey of the IRS Special Intelligence Unit, [They have IRS SPIES?? Oh yes, Virginia, there is no IRS PERFIDY TOO HEINOUS TO EXIST] , redoubled his ongoing efforts shortly after Hoover's mandate.

Herbert Hoover knew they'd never get a conviction on Al Capone for racketeering because in the odd times he lived And with Prohibition being as unpopular as it was; the common person considered Mobsters in general to be heroes, and Capone as a mythical figure beyond the law's petty grasp. Prior to this while tax evasion was technically a crime it was pretty much not enforced but Hoover and his group convinced the Congress to put big teeth in that law. So, Capone was arrested, tried; essentially by the IRS, convicted and imprisoned. I'm not saying that the result was so terrible but keep in mind the founding fathers never made any provision for collecting taxes nor did they provide for a branch of government for such an endeavor, yet The IRS has become a government within our government by allowing it to take an inch they kept taking until they are now completely above the law. None of the usual provisos apply to them; due process, privacy in our papers, they are much like terrorists sanctioned by our government.

Now the FDA started doing the same. First they were supposed to be overseers of the drug industries. However drug manufacturers have infiltrated the ranks of the FDA so much that it's pretty much held by former or current pharma-business tycoons. The FDA now funds many of the legislators' campaigns, giving thousands of dollars per year to most of our law-makers USA today-Senators who weakened drug bill got millions from industry.

It may seem reasonable to say the FDA should oversee all imports for safety, but it is a bureaucracy and all bureaucracies spend as much energy as possible justifying their existence so first it will be a few toys from China, and if they see anything wrong, there will be no imports from certain countries, and Also my friends they are trying to keep you from taking any supplements, they want us all taking only drugs that doctors prescribe. Since so many of us don't have insurance or the means to consult a doctor, I guess we must be required to just die of the diseases that the FDA with their crazy food additive laws have unleashed on us.

We all know that we are what we eat, but most of us have trusted the FDA to keep really bad stuff out of our food, but I'm here to tell you they haven't done that:
~High Fructose Corn syrup [it causes us to just get fatter and fatter] Weston A Price-The Double Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup,
~Diacetyl [recently seen in news programs causing lung diseases] OMB watch- Federal Agencies Knew of Diacetyl Dangers and Kept Silent 
~Alloxan in our Flour [scientists use this to cause diabetes in rats] Alloxan diabetes-White Flour Contains Diabetes-Causing Contaminant Alloxan,
~MSG [CAUSES obesity] The link between monosodium glutamate (MSG) and obesity,
~Food Dyes [cause and exacerbate ADD] Artificial food Food Additive Exposure During Pregnancy.

THIS IS A VERY SMALL LIST OF DANGEROUS THINGS IN OUR FOOD, I HAVEN'T EVEN GONE INTO THE HORRIBLE STUFF IN OUR WATER....Do a search for Fluoride dangers, or Mercury in Amalgam, or the poisons in our vaccines; Thimerasol.....[it contains mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde etc, and you give it to your kids!!!!! It has been implicated in Autism yet still you give it to your children.]

Am I trying to make you feel guilty, no, I'm trying to make you angry so you'll do something about it.

I don't trust the FDA, actually I think they are the weasel set to watch the chickens and have a huge vested interest in our staying sick, who do you suppose profits from illnesses? Yep, you guessed it, the Medi-business conglomerates and Pharma-business. And the FDA represents them and NOT US. So why are we giving them more and more power?
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