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Chlorine rarely occurs naturaly, but when it does it's a yellow gas. It is made for commercial use by running an electric current through salt water, producing Chlorine and caustic soda. You'd think that it'd be easy to dispose to break down into harmless salt and water, but it but it can only be done in a test tube. It actually accumulates in the environment and stay in a caustic state.

It cleans our clothes and whitens our paper napkins and coffee filters and it is a good thing, right?

"One of the largest uses of chlorine is in the paper industry. Chlorine is first used to break down the lignan that holds the wood fibers together. Then chlorine is used to bleach the paper to make it white. The effluent or wastewater containing dioxins and other organochlorines are then dumped into streams and waterways. These ingredients are highly toxic and carcinogenic. Once in the waste stream, they come into contact with other organic materials and surfactants and combine to forn a host of extremely toxic organic chemicals.

A chain of events occurs: The water becomes polluted; the fish become contaminated; animals eat the fish and people eat the contaminated animals and fish. This can create a very serious health problem; the dioxins and other toxic chemicals, when consumed, accumulate in the fatty tissues. These contaminants are also hormone disrupters because they mimic estrogen. The EPA has observed and documented hormonal imbalance, suppressed immune systems, reproductive infertility and alterations in fetal development of animals. In viewing the big picture, these factors are perhaps the most frightening results from the widespread use of chlorine"

In fact dioxin is so prevalent in our environment that it would be difficult to find a human being without some in their blood. We have special enzymes in our bodies to eliminate toxins but in this case t'ain't so. Even exposed to very low levels it will remain in the body and accumulate. (1) The cumulative effects of dioxin in humans have been linked to birth defects, cancer, endometriosis, diabetes, neurotoxicity, birth defects, decreased fertility, and reproductive dysfunction in both women and men and immune system breakdown.


The very best one can do is maintain a vigorous good health so as to fight off whatever harmful effects it can have on your health. The best way to gain this vigorous good health is to take CellPower™ every day in a nice clean glass of water [use distilled or reverse-osmosis filtered water] or juice.

Our Government maintains that chlorine in our water supply is safe, but it isn't. I'd be really careful about drinking juice that might be reconstituted with tap water also.

We have well water and I'm so glad, but even so we buy highly filtered water from the grocery store, it is charcoal filtered and also uses a reverse osmosis process to eliminate all foreign agents, both pathogenic and chemical.

And Hey, there is a better way to wipe away pathogens. H202-hydrogen peroxide. Yup good old Hydrogen peroxide. It has many uses but it's best as an antibiotic. I use it on my hands rather than washing them with soap, I've noticed that my hands are softer, less dry and I don't worry about chemicals leaching into my skin or any bacteria or fungus.
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AND New Ideas Neem and Hydrogen Peroxide

I find that since I've been taking CellPower™ I am getting well from so many problems I've had.
Some more help that I need, for weight control, is coconut oil

,Essential fatty acids,FLAX SEED OIL
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How Smart Is Your Right Foot?

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And, you will keep trying it at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot. But you can't!!!

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand ... Your foot will change direction!!!

I told you so ... And there is nothing you can do about it. Make sure you pass this on to your friends ... They won't be able to believe it either!!!
A guy has one arm and decides he doesn't want to go on with life, not being able to do the things other guys can do with two arms. So, he goes up to the 20th story of a building and is trying to build up the nerve to jump. As he's standing there a guy comes walking on the sidewalk below.

The one-armed man notice's that this other guy has NO arms at all. He watches as the guy stops on the sidewalk and starts dancing and spinning in circles. The one-armed man thinks to himself how selfish he is… in that he has one arm and is ready to end it all! So, he decides to go down and talk to the No-armed man.

He goes down and walks up to the guy and says, “Hey man… I’ve been up on the 20th floor considering to end it all because I have only One arm… Here you are with No arms and are dancing around. What’s your deal?

The guy with No arms says, “Arrrrr… dude I'm NOT happy! My nose itches!!!

Moral: Think Differently. If you got no arms, get a friend to scratch your nose
I'd stop eating chocolate, but Im NO quiter!
Hard work never hurt anyone, but why take the chance.
A synonym is a word you use if you can't spell the other one.
Money talks, but all mine EVER says is GOODBYE!
I'm in shape. Isn’t round a shape?
There can't be another crisis this week, my schedule is completely full.
Yes… You’re right. The early bird does get the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese!
When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half. ~Gracie Allen
The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.
Top Ten Ways to Tell if Martha Stewart is Stalking Your Dog:

10. There's potpourri hanging from your pooch's collar.

9. The dog's nails have been trimmed with pinking shears.

8. The dog toys are all stored in McCoy crocks.

7. The pooper scooper has been decorated with raffia bows.

6. That telltale lemon slice in the new silver water bowl.

5. You find liver and whole wheat dog treats stamped out with copper cookie cutters and decorated with royal icing using a #2 rosette tip.

4. Dog hair has been collected and put into wire baskets for nesting material for the birds.

3. A seasonally appropriate grapevine wreath adorns the front of the doghouse.

2. Your dog goes outside naked and comes in wearing an apricot colored virgin wool hand-knitted sweater with matching boots.


1. The dog droppings in your backyard have been sculpted into swans.

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(1)The Light party/dangers of Chlorine

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