Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Diabetes complication: infections

I don't know about you but I get athletes foot like crazy, and the itching drives me there quickly. It seems to start inside my skin and I try to scratch it out, I had one bad one on one foot that lasted forever [longer than a year]. I tried everything in the drugstore to 'cure' it; creams only make it worse, no matter what the ingredients, I think the cream medium just feeds the wetness required to exacerbate the fungus amongus. I sent to England for Dr. Whitefield's ointment, a clear unguent that hurts but cures!! Not any more it doesn't; I sent to India for Neem because I'd heard that Neem kills fungus and other stuff, it does, I use it in my garden pest sprays, but it didn't touch the AF, Oh dear, now what?

I just happened to read an article on Hydrogen Peroxide, What? a simple thing like that works on AF, I didn't believe it but tried it anyway, Well, I'm here to tell you... IT WORKS. I use a goodly drizzle whenever that maddening itch shows up. And guess what? It works to clean up the mouth too, AND whiten teeth, I put about a tbs. of it in my mouth for about 10 minutes or until I just HAVE to spit and it really cleans my breath and it's whitening my teeth.

But I digress, I have heard that Hydrogen Peroxide really works to heal foot sores too, but I think you'd have to soak in it.
Here is a product that really helps to clear up infection from the inside: a safe antibiotic:

Can't take pharmaceutical Antibiotics? Drugs just too Harsh? Try Nature's Antibioticsheallix, natural antibiotic, safe-natural antibiotics home remedies herbal remedies sore throat natural alternative medicine apple cider vinegar herbal medicine high blood pressure sore throat peptides homeopathic natural cure forAs always onward and upward, My blood sugar levels are in a normal range consistently. YAY!

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