Thursday, March 15, 2007

not feeling very good today, but I'm still on course

After yesterday's debacle, I'm really sleepy and sore today. I also have a chest cold. So, now I can say to everyone, DO NOT take speedy diet pills. It's not worth it, I had a bad heart rate last night and very high blood Pressure, I didn't sleep one night and worked like an idiot yesterday. For a few hours I felt good but then I just felt jittery. My blood sugar is still down in the normal range. I won't be working today, I did make a nice healthy turkey soup, I enjoy eating the left overs for lunches. I know I really need to eat more raw vegetables but I'm still working on getting my protein [I don't eat any red meats I'm talking about all proteins] intake lowered, Baby steps.
Ok so I'm working on getting healthier, I will be working on my wrinkles and saggy skin.

I've checked it out and I found some good ideas:
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