Wednesday, March 21, 2007

more diabetic problems

Someone mentioned I never said anything about drinking lots of water; DRINK LOTS OF GOOD FILTERED WATER.

Before I started this diet to reverse diabetes I took a course of candiasis treatment.
I took this product as a couple of drops twice a day in a glass of water

Fungal/yeast problems are endemic in diabetes. Some suffer from Thrush, or frequent vaginal infections, and don't get me started on Athletes foot. For a group least likely to get the smallest amount of exercise, Athletes foot is rampant.
Candidate puts all of that in remission. I highly recommend it.

I've had a real problem with this all my life and have developed some strategies for coping. For me, Candida has manifested mostly in digestive problems. I have IBS and as the commercials say,"with constipation". I have had to take extra fiber all my life to facilitate elimination. This product is especially effective because it is psyllium fiber with several very good and specifically helpful herbs added in. So, when Science finally discovered fiber to be of benefit to our health, I was already taking lots of it. I take flax seed oil to aid the fiber and to rid myself of the inevitable free radicals flesh is heir to these days.

If fiber just isn't quite enough to remove the sludge the bowels can accumulate and you need a real colon cleanse I take this one. Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. A good colon cleanse should be done at least once a year. They say death begins in the colon so a good clean colon can really reduce the toxins one has to endure from within, I can't help you much if you are working in a smelter or smoking.

If the problem has gone even farther and worse you might be likely to have hemorrhoids. I personally take I know this one really works, in fact I know from experience all the products I have recommended really do function as they are advertised.

I feel confident in giving advice as even though I'm post-menopausal [and you
ladies will understand just how very hard it is to lose weight at this stage]I've actually lost 25 pounds in less than two months. This is a miracle folks, and I say this in all humility. This came from information God provided for me in the form of natural-minded Medical Doctor's advice.

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