Monday, March 5, 2007

Good morning, consistantly lower insulin usage here

It's still winter here but I'm not grousing, my efforts are finally really paying off.
It's good for me to stay honest with you folks and stay on my diet, this blog is really helping me.

My blood sugar readings are consistently lower these days and I've lowered my insulin doses to 10 units twice a day. I have a coupon from Lily***** to get two free vials of insulin but I may never use it at this rate, I have a new vial now, and hope that my insulin need will cease very soon. I may be a wild-eyed optimist [or cock-eyed if you prefer] but I know it can be done so it WILL happen.
[digression]****Here is a wonderful site to find help in buying your prescriptions, I get mine FREE!
I don't need a prescription in Michigan to buy insulin, but without a prescription the local drugstores charge me 125% more for my insulin than I can get it with a prescription. This site helped us to get my insulin for free![/digression]
Just to keep you apprised, my blood sugar reading average has gone from 282 to 118, a drop of 164 points! and I've lost 16 pounds, that may not sound like much but I've only been doing this for 5 or 6 weeks.

More later, I need to go buy groceries. By the way I cook different meals for myself than I do for my husband, he gets meat and potatoes, with lots of gravy, I don't eat red meats or have gravy, I also have lots of vegetables, I need to add fruits to my diet, maybe even some oatmeal [I hate the stuff but I should choke some down anyway, maybe I'll come up with something palatable to add to it.]
The problem with oatmeal is that it tends to absorb flavors I'll need to figure out how to add some yumminess for you guys.

Hey another recipe for you, this is
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOURMET CHICKEN BREAST IN ONION/MUSHROOM SAUCE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1 chicken breast, boneless and skinless [if you buy yours doubled cut it in half, so it's actually half of one chicken breast]
2 tbs [OR LESS!] of olive oil
1 small onion sliced for half rings
2 garlic cloves diced
5 Large button mushrooms sliced
1 6" sprig of fresh rosemary leaves or 1 tbs of dried rosemary
1 tbs of 'fake' pinjur sauce, see March 2 message
1 tbs canned milk
1 tsp lemon juice if desired [TASTE FIRST!]
Sprinkle of Lemon Pepper spice [if you like it, or just salt and pepper it as you like it]

First drizzle some olive oil in the saute pan[the less the better]. Place your chicken breast in already seasoned as discussed above. turn on medium to low heat, for a few minutes.
Toss in garlic, onions and mushrooms in and 'sweat' the onions so they sizzle and turn translucent, not brown. This takes a bit longer, because the chicken takes a bit to cook, and you don't want your onions and mushrooms to get mushy. Stir often, after you decide the chicken is cooked nearly all the way, add the rosemary, 'pinjur' sauce and milk to make the sauce, add lemon juice if you like it piquant [lemon juice also lowers the GI number of any food it is on]
Of course a sauce is adding a bit of fat but if we don't have flavor in our foods a diet is so much harder to stay on.
Serves one, It would be great over brown and wild rice too. Also, did you think that mushrooms are worthless as a nutrient source? Mushrooms contain several key nutrients, including copper, potassium, folate and niacin, according to recently analyzed nutrient data
has much detailed information on why mushrooms are so healthy
"While most varieties were analyzed raw, white button mushrooms , which are commonly used in recipes, were also analyzed after stir-frying and microwaving to gauge the levels of nutrients retained after cooking... Most nutrients were found to be fully retained when cooked, while others were retained at between 80 and 95 percent of their levels in raw mushrooms"

A short discussion on the herbs and spices and how they affect Diabetes:
Turmeric~Has a long history of usage with herbalists/helps with some digestive disorders, osteoarthritis, liver disease, bacterial infections and more
For more information on curcuminoids:
It helps to prevent Kidney disease; secondary complications induced by diabetes

Cinnamon~Helps maintain blood sugar/Promotes normal blood lipid profiles/Supports cellular energy/Helps maintain weight
Cinnamon may significantly help people with type 2 diabetes improve their ability to respond to insulin, thus normalizing their blood sugar levels
There are benefits with both Cinnamon and Nutmeg
Garlic~Available in a softgel capsule/Contains stable sulphur-nutrients
Individuals affected by diabetes are prone to long-term complications such as retinopathy, cataract, neuropathy, atherosclerosis, nephropathy, embryopathy, and delayed healing of wounds." Garlic has been show to be a powerful anti-oxident dealing with free radicals like a warrior, this site, in technical language, says that studies have shown that ingestion of garlic has been effective in helping Diabetics to avoid many of the complications that they are prone to, Neuropathy and Autoxidation of glucose, long-term complications affecting the eyes, nerves, blood vessels, skin, and kidneys.
Have a great night, see you tomorrow.


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