Tuesday, March 6, 2007

anti-oxidents and other controversies

By now most people have heard about the JAMA 'study' saying that anti-oxidant's are dangerous. My understanding of this study was that they used only negative studies results, only ones using elderly people with really severe diseases, and using only synthesized supplements. Let's be real folks, the FDA as we all know is made up of special interests groups including drug companies and drug lobbyists. Do you think they might have any vested interest in getting you to buy, buy, buy their expensive drugs? Now add to that the AMA has interests in the status quo,to wit: "Everything is a disease that needs drugs [you do know don't you that the pharmaceutical companies give Doctors big money incentives to prescribe their medications, especially the newest ones that don't have a nice generic,cheaper, substitute] all these people's livelihoods, FDA, AMA, and drug companies are bound up in finding that you NEED the latest $100.-a-pill drugs.
Here is an audio file that explains this better than I can
I try to understand the complicated and technical language of the studies I find, and put it in easy to understand form for you [and me!]. See also the audio file in my profile.

Any time Anyone can prove to me that my body has a deficiency say to Aspirin, I'll start taking it. I believe like Hippocrates* that food is the solution to health, as well as the worst potential enemy. The line is at healthy whole foods as natural to the original state as it can be. I know that in our modern world it's nearly impossible to get some foods [fruits in Northern climes in winter for instance] in their natural state. So it behooves us to find foods that are as little damaged by our current methods of preservation as we can get. And then, sometimes we need to supplement with as natural a product as we can find.

As I mentioned in my first post there is little food produced now in the US that has the proper soil conditions to make it as healthy as it could be for us. So, what do we do? Give up and wail our fate or to get as healthy a diet as we can and supplement what we are missing?

*I want to briefly get back to Hippocrates the "Father of modern medicine" and what he said,"It appears to me necessary for every physician... to strive to know... what man is in relation to the articles of food and drink...and what are the effect of each of them... for by every one of these things, a man is effected and changed... and the whole of his life is subjected to them".
"A disease is to be cured naturally, by man's own powers; physicians merely help. Let your food be your medicine."
There has been so much written and proven about a fast food diet being detrimental to your health that no one can honestly plead ignorance. And if I do plead ignorance and rely on foods that not only do not nourish but destroy my body, I can't be surprised when I get really sick. It is said that the current obesity in our nation is causing an epidemic of diabetes. I admit it my lifestyle is/was a dangerous one of bad food choices and being way too inactive. Not my whole life [I used to exercise regularly, and eat whole foods] but currently [I got lazy and ate foods that I liked rather than what was good for me], I'm not at all surprised that I have diabetes, but I am determined to get rid of it and get back to health.
You can too, Even if you've never been fit.

I have to do this. I was in pain all day everyday, and since I'm allergic to pain meds even the simple Nsaids, Aspirin, Ibuprofen etc. I had to try a natural approach to getting well. I've never felt that symptom covering was a good idea anyway.

What do I mean by symptom covering? OK, let's say I go to a Doctor and say my knee hurts very bad and he gives me a painkiller. Then I go out and do the very things that caused my knee to hurt in the first place because that is my habit, and it no longer hurts to do so. Now I'm in a position of causing permanent damage to a body part that now no longer tells me, "This activity is not good, See PAIN! Stop doing that now." Are you with me?

Another reason to not take pain killers: as your body gets used to being anesthetized it gets less and less capable of dealing with pain in a normal way by not releasing brain-produced Endorphins, and it becomes much more sensitive to pain, In other words pain hurts MORE when it becomes dependant on non-body produced pain killers. I learned this by talking to people who were addicted to pain meds. Since I'm not yet allergic to Tylenol; I may take 1 [no not two as it says to take, one] every few weeks or less often so I won't become allergic to it and not have any extra help in times when I overdo when I'm working. It works for me.

I've been investigating the latest thinking on Diabetes it's causes and what makes it worse and better. I've found some very interesting information on Leptin (here is a link to explain it more fully than I did) a body function that turns off and on hunger, fal storage and the like. Apparently there's a Diet book out there that really works to address tghis effectively. The Rosedale Diet. Here is a synopsis of the Rosedale Diet and a link to buy the book from Amazon.

The final thought on the subject today: The whole concept behind the Rosedale Diet is exactly what Dr. Jullian Whitaker describes in his book: Reversing Diabetes. Which, coincidentally, is exactly the diet I'm trying very hard to follow.
Have a great evening, cya tomorrow.

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