Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I ran out of my fat blocker, so I went to Wal-mart to buy some more, Guess what? They had no chitosan by itself, I had to buy a Stacker with chitosan and caffeine, But it was a lot of caffeine. I got no sleep last night and today I took another and was so speedy I did a week's worth of work in just 7 hours. I had my doctor's appointment and my blood pressure was high, I couldn't convince the doctor that it was high because of the caffeine [I haven't had any caffeine for a year].
Here is a much better solution for a fat blocker, Designed to support a low-fat diet and exercise program.
Economical formula is much less expensive than buying all the individual products.
Contains no ephedra.
Includes a carb blocker (Phase 2), an appetite suppressant/fat burner (Citrimax) and natural stimulants (green tea and citrus fruit peel extract).
This one is safer for those with lots of allergies.
Healthy Weight Formula by Vitabase

I had some cocoa with some canned milk in it to calm me down and I'm much less jittery now. I just hope I can sleep tonight. See what I finished today?

I have to buy the market umbrella and wheels for it, but it's finished for now.
I have one more shop project left; an arbor of bamboo.
My blood sugar was 111 tonight. YAY!

Have a great night.

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