Thursday, March 1, 2007

more tips on coping, recipe

One thing I like to eat for Lunch and to squeeze more vegetables into my diet is home-made soups. I make a Turkey soup that's just delicious.

First I make soup stock by boiling chicken, we have two small, spoiled dogs who love boiled chicken leg quarters so we buy them cheap and I make up a batch of legs that lasts for a week or so [I put the 4 leg quarters in 3 Qt's. of water with two bullion cubes in it, in a large Dutch oven, partially covered, boil them until the meat is falling off the bones on LOW heat; maybe 3 hours DO NOT BOIL THE HECK OUT OF IT ON HIGH, you will lose a lot of flavor] I reserve the stock, cool it, remove the schmaltz [the FAT, EWE!] and freeze it for turkey soup making day.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TURKEY SOUP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I put two quarts of stock, and 1 quart of water in a large stockpot, add a chicken breast, boned or not for extra meat, and two large turkey wings, I boil this for three hours on low heat, them remove the meat to pull off the bone and cut into smaller pieces. Then I dice into bite-size pieces carrots, broccoli, celery, onion, and whatever other veggies we have [zucchini in season, Yummy!] and put all of the meat and veggies back into the soup, add parsley [about two tablespoons of dried] also whatever herbs I have fresh from the garden, two cloves of chopped garlics, a tbs. of Paprika to color it so pretty, Lemon Pepper [it has less salt, more taste] to taste, and noodles [not too many], and boil in on SIMMER for an hour and eat! I like to save some for my lunches, but there's is nothing in there that's really bad for me, so I can eat without being worried about my blood sugar.
I read that peanut butter has a low glysemic index value and is a healthy snack so since I know that added fiber is good for weight loss I will have a celery stalk with peanut butter, for a late night snack. Another tip I learned is that adding Lemon juice to anything lowers it's GI number, something to remember when you are cooking, and I hope you are making your own food and not eating those simple carbohydrate prepared foods that are processed so much they are really not nutritious, but merely add empty calories to your diet.
Do try to find recipes that add flavor without so much fat or sugar or salt, eat more fresh vegetables, I have a small glass of tomato juice as a light snack, and fresh fruits. I'll be adding recipes as I think of them. Oh here's another tip: Brown rice, it adds fiber to your diet and is much better for you.

I've noticed that I feel so much better in the morning, I can tie my shoes more easily over feet that don't hurt so bad anymore and I sleep better

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