Thursday, March 8, 2007

DIET AND EXERCISE: Staying on maintainance diet/ blood sugar stays on track

I guess I'm going to go back on the 1000 calorie diet and get lots more exercise I need to lower my blood sugar readings to under 100, not just under 120. I read recently a very good article on the subject.Diet or Exercise Which One Works Better to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes and Diabetics Must Repay Their Exercise Debt. Even the New England Journal of Medicine has acknowledged exercise and diet (ideally based on your body's unique metabolic type), working hand-in-hand, can completely eliminate diabetes. Because let's face it we didn't get sedentary,fat and diabetic by exercising and being fit.
Over and over I see that changing our eating habits and getting exercise, even changing just a little can have great benefit to our health, and especially for diabetics. SO, IF YOU WANT TO REVERSE DIABETES THIS IS HOW"
>reduce weight (by 5 percent or more)
>redice fat intake (to less than 30 percent of energy intake)
>reduce saturated fat intake (to less than 10 percent of energy intake)
>increase fiber intake (to at least 15 g per 1,000 kcal)
>increase exercise (to at least 30 minutes per day)

OK, you say but all that calculation... How many calories is this? What percentage is 4 grams of fat to 1,200 calories?... is enough to make you crazy. Please, this is your health, cut way back and see how it helps, if you overdo one day; under-do the next. You have Too much fat at Lunch? Eat a tiny Dinner. How hard can that be? Lose weight, and trust me on this, eating less fat and nearly no sugar and you will see those pounds slide right off.

My neighbor was on a diet and went to her butcher. "I want 18 pounds of ground Chuck" she said.
The Butcher gets out the meat and grinds it up, piles it on a paper on the scale and starts wrapping. "No", she said. "I don't want to buy it, I just lost 18 pounds and I wanted to see what it looked like."

This is what I tell myself:
It's your life, what is your decision? Do not make this someone Else's problem, You are entirely responsible for your health in this regard. Make the right choices and reap the benefits.

Another article on the relation of exercise and disease.
I am hoping to hear from you about your experiences with Diabetes and how you are doing blood sugar-wise.

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