Monday, March 12, 2007

exercise-hard to get

I need to exercise but winter is hard to find good excuses to be busy and keep moving. I've been working in my shop building things for outdoors.

Here is one thing I made: It's a seat to put plants on and use as contrast for my garden plants.

and here's another:

This is my new potting bench, it has no legs, just braces so I can more easily get to our water faucet. the height is good so I won't hurt my back and our container of potting soil will fit under it. The bamboo on top will keep the soil from collecting on it. As you can see I need to paint my house, [OH goody, more exercise!]

In summer I garden and get lots of exercise, I have at least a half an acre of grass for one, I mow it every week. I also have over 650 square feet of gardens that need new plants all the time, lots of weeding, digging, watering and transplanting, bending and moving I get plenty of exercise to keep my body healthy. I'm busy re-paying my exercise debt, for all the years since I was injured that I've sat around.

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