Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Genetically modified foods

Did you know that Many other countries won't buy foods grown or processed in the US? Do you know why? It's because 7 out of 10 items you buy in our grocery stores are GM foods. They are in:
-Cooking oils
-Boxed cereals
-Grain products
-Frozen dinners
-Many corn products and soy products are GM.
-Mice don't like them,[does that tell you something?]
-GM crops when grown will,do and HAVE cross-pollinated with other crops.
-One Swiss biotech company mistakenly sold U.S. farmers an unapproved GM corn seed; tons of the experimental corn was sold between 2001-2004
-A GM corn, approved only for animal use, got into taco shells and chips and resulted in recalls, lawsuits and public uproar.
-There’s no system for tracking or reporting associated health problems caused by GM foods.
-Much of the rice crop has already been contaminated in the south US by GM crops.
-GM crops have cost the United States an estimated $12 billion in farm subsidies, lost sales and product recalls due to transgenic contamination
-Contrary to the claims of proponents, GM crops have not been proven safe.
-One chemical company was given permission to grow, yes, right out in the open, rice modified with HUMAN DNA!!![Does anyone remember where Ebola got it's start?[cannibalism] Why cows got mad cow disease? [again cannibalism, feeding cows bone meal,cows are herbivores they don't eat any meat!]
-increase instances of cancer
-lung damage
-dangers allergies
now I'm glossing over all the details, but I am providing all the links so you can read this for yourself.
Here are some of the companies that are producing GM foods and who are insisting they are good for you.
-Kraft Foods
-DuPont- Why are chemical companies dabbling in foods?
-Phillip Morris- does anyone remember during the congressional hearings on the dangers of smoking how Tobacco companies kept insisting that they didn't know cigarettes were harmful or addictive?
A report issued by the Department of Agriculture's own auditor stated that the department has failed to regulate field trials of genetically engineered crops adequately, thereby raising the risk of unintended environmental consequences.
Failed to Notice Violations
The report found that regulators failed to notice rules violations, inspect planting sites, or make sure that GM crops were destroyed following the field trials. In many cases, regulators had no idea where field trials were even as they granted permits for them.

1) Avoid Processed Foods. As you learned, 75 percent of processed foods contain GM ingredients. There are many reasons why processed foods are not optimal for your health -- for instance they often contain trans fat, acrylamide and little nutritional value -- so avoiding them will not only help you to cut back on the amount of GM foods you are consuming, but will also boost your health.

2) Read produce and food labels. GM soybeans and corn make up the largest portion of genetically modified crops. When looking at a product label, if any ingredients such as corn flour and meal, dextrin, starch, soy sauce, margarine, and tofu (to name a few) are listed, there's a good chance it has come from GM corn or soy, unless it's listed as organic.

3) Buy organic produce. Buying organic is currently the best way to ensure that your food has not been genetically modified. By definition, food that is certified organic must be free from all GM organisms, produced without artificial pesticides and fertilizers and from an animal reared without the routine use of antibiotics, growth promoters or other drugs.

4) Look at Produce Stickers. Those little stickers on fruit and vegetables contain different PLU codes depending on whether the fruit was conventionally grown, organically grown or genetically modified. The PLU code for conventionally grown fruit consists of four numbers, organically grown fruit has five numbers prefaced by the number nine, and GM fruit has five numbers prefaced by the number eight.

''We simply do not have enough reliable scientific evidence on their safety to be able to make a valid decision as to whether there are potential health effects or not.''

Charles Saunders, chairman of the British Medical Association's public health committee
YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, have you heard that before?
So far it has been the watchdog Scientists and [MD] Doctors who study Natural medicines who have been warning us about GM foods, but they were the ones who taught conventional medicine about the dangers of Cholesterol years ago.
I remember reading a short story about a group of teenagers at a future time in a special school, It was told from the viewpoint of one of the girls. Her Diary was the story. She'd tell us each day what they did at the school and how they were taught. Every single day she would talk about the film they saw on training dolphins. Then they had a film on how the food supply was safe to eat. The School children were fed something called foodah, a genetically modified food source. Different entries described food riots the teens witnessed; confused as to why people were fussing about not having enough to eat when there was a plentiful supply of foodah, and didn't the film they saw today explain it was very healthy, They also got to see a film about training dolphins.
Each day's entries were eerily similar, underlining the point that what one eats determines not just their health but also their ability to think. Ok, this was science Fiction but it mirrors our modern society.
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-Featured Report:
Genetically Modified Crops and Foods (I-00) Full Text[by the way this is a report from the AMA. http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/13595.html

-GM food banned at Monsanto canteen


-Pro-USA Corporations Embarrassed as Sri Lanka Bans GM Foods-Genetically Modified Foods Banned as Unsafe http://www.progress.org/gene65.htm

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a GM pea led to the creation of a novel protein which caused inflammation of the lung tissue of mice.

-Rice with human genes to be grown in US- a pro GM food site
Keeping track of my prgress I've officially lost 25 pounds without drugs or fake foods from expensive 'plans', And my blood sugar is down to 'normal' levels. I pretty much stay below the 125 magic diabetic number, often the evening reading is well below that. I take 10 units of insulin twice a day.

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