Wednesday, March 7, 2007

sugar versus sugar substitutes/free insulin

Today I want to talk about sugar substitutes. I am old enough to remember cyclamate and the huge flap it created when it was banned I also remember saccharin, and I must have drunk gallons of pop with that in it

Now we have Aspartame, I chew one piece of gum and I get sores lined up all along the sides of my tongue, I shudder to think of what is happening to the rest of my digestive system. Brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma are known problems associated with it's use. I had a good friend who was diagnosed with bowel lesians a very painful condition and her doctor told her to stay AWAY from Aspartame. I've also read a connection with Lupus-like symptoms and the use of Aspartame. Well, that's enough for me! The good old FDA says it's safe so it's safe right? Ok, you decide, it's your body, maybe it is best to eliminate sweetness altogether. White sugar has cumulative effects, and raises the blood sugar but it's not even as bad as fat is for raising blood sugar.
My blood sugar readings are consistantly in the low 120's now, I'm on 10 units twice a day, soon I'll be taking 5 units. I have 1 week to go before I go back to see the doctor who told me I couldn't do it. We'll see how it goes, I need to get my lab work done in the next couple of days anyway, He was very nasty to me anyway because my diabetes was diagnosed by a [LOWLY] nurse rather than a real honest-to-goodness D*O*C*T*O*R!!!!![READ: GOD]
This really does bear repeating, if you are having a hard time paying for your prescriptions, Here is a wonderful site to find help in buying your prescriptions, I get my insulin FREE! I have a coupon to get four vials for free. If you are struggling just go to this site and get help PLEASE!

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