Saturday, April 14, 2007


I am making another diet adjustment since researching other sites to reverse Diabetes.

Dr. Mercola says this:
(1) "No Grains or Sugars. These types of carbs will raise your insulin levels. Notice I did not say no carbs. You can have plenty of carbs, carbs to your heart's content, but they need to be above-ground vegetables (no potatoes or squash). Notice also that I did not say no processed grains, the grain exclusion also goes for whole organic grains, as even all that extra good fiber does not significantly alter the insulin and leptin response."

Since I was eating Rye toast with green Tea as my breakfast, I had to change this to... well something else. Yesterday I made some Lima beans, now I don't like Lima beans and I figure that's the best recommendation to eat it {I'm joking, gentle readers].

I don't drink milk or eat cereals/sugary things so what CAN I have for breakfast. Dr. Julian Whitaker suggests I limit severely my fat intake and proteins; SO... eggs are out, I won't eat processed foods. Sigh, I just wanted to cry, but I've faced harder challenges so I dried my eyes and put on my thinking cap. Just about All that's left is Lima beans, so Lima beans it was this AM and they are high in protein. It's too early in the season to eat any fresh fruits, I prefer my own-grown foods whenever possible. I want to eat alkalizing foods so lots of possibilities are eliminated there too.

Anyway my blood sugar went down this AM 'from the Lima beans(?)'yesterday. So this AM it's Limas again.

With our recent incredably nasty weather I haven't been able to get any exrecise and I feel sluggish, I gained back a pound and my blood sugar isn't where I want it to be. So Shucky darn, I guess there's something to this exercise thing, and I'd better just start getting some again.

Milk thistle-liver improvement-detox

grapeseed antioxident

Coral Calcium

Chromium-improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels

zinc-healing-development, reproduction, digestion, respiration and proper brain, nerve, vision and immune function


Cinnamon to regulate blood glucose levels

flax seed oil- antioxident- also for digestion

Psyllium plus-digestion

Billberry-eye health-diabetic vision support

Alpha lipoic acid for Liver healing;antioxidant

(1) Type 2 Diabetes Erases 15 Years From Your Life
Simple Steps You Need to Reverse Diabetes
©Copyright 2007 Dr. Joseph Mercola. All Rights Reserved


inspired said...

Hey Katy,
Just read your post...and I just read a really great book that I think will help you. It's called "The Schwarzbein Principle" by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, renowned endocrinlogogist in California.

- inspired

Katybr55 said...

Thanks so much, I'll check that out.

Katy B.