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I know everyone understands what it’s like to work hard to achieve a goal, progress is made- excitement is engendered, and poof the finish line is stretched way out farther from where it was; a plateau is reached, a ceiling suddenly appears that seems impossible to break.

This is where I am now: I haven’t lost any more weight and indeed seem to be putting one pound back. My Blood sugar has crept up and stubbornly wants to stay where it is,

I have excluded any and all sugar, reduced even more fat from my diet; removed ALL dairy even the small smears of butter on my toast- are toast. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.

I wrote last week about the Dawn effect, where the liver which holds a reserve of syrupy glucose releases some at times of fasting, resulting in a higher fasting BG level in the AM than a late night reading shows. I tried counteracting it with a bit of peanut butter, that didn’t work; tonight I will try a postprandial boiled egg or sardines.

I still have the remnants of a cold that tried to make me sick, I was way too quick for it, I gargled with hydrogen peroxide and took two extra Ester C caps. I drank even more filtered water and was fine, of course until bedtime. This might be why my BG level is elevated but I know it didn’t cause me to gain a pound, nor did it cause me to be in even MORE pain than I have been.

I resolve to eat less and get back on my Jump-start diet. Before you begin to think I’m in any way anorexic, gentle reader, let me disabuse you of that notion by assuring you I’m way past body issues, I just want to get rid of the diabetes. I eat plenty. I have in years past experimented with fasting. No, not your namby-pamby juice fasts, just water and that’s it, I never made it longer than 4 days since the two week fast I was on at age 24 to lose that last stubborn ten pounds, and then I ate a bite or two every now and then.

Fasting left me invigorated and cleansed, I felt awesome, full of energy and pain-free. Unfortunately, I can’t fast now with the diabetes.

OK, let’s talk about fasting. Many Muslims fast during Ramadan even with Diabetes. (1) Diabetes Mellitus and Ramadan fasting
“Psychological State of Diabetes Patients during Ramadan Fasting

Diabetes mellitus itself adversely affects patients' psychological states by changes in glucose metabolism, blood and CSF osmolality, needs for discipline and compliance, fear of long term complications and threat of hypoglycemic attacks and the possibility of dehydration and coma.

On the other hand, fasting during Ramadan has a tranquilizing effect on the mind, producing inner peace and decrease in anger and hostility. Fasting Muslims realize that manifestations of anger may take away the blessings of fasting or even nullify them. Diabetics know that stress increases the blood glucose by increasing the catecholamine level and any tool to lower the stress; i.e., biofeedback or relaxation improves diabetic control. Thus, Islamic fasting during Ramadan should have a potentially beneficial effect with regard to diabetic control.”

Many people find spiritual benefit from fasting, it clears the body and the mind, and if accompanied by a colon cleaner will reduce toxins in the body giving rise to an easier meditative mindset.

I have ordered a Liver cleanse program and am hoping that it will aid me in removing toxins, It might be a good time to flush out All the toxins and help me to regain the diet impetus I’d started, It might help my energy troubles and the vague [and not-so-vague] pain I’m experiencing.

So far I‘m just in the thinking stages of this idea. I believe it will help me both physically and spiritually, especially if only done for a few days at a time. Ramadan is a month long. I’m not Muslim.

Here’s some Fast food I eat:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chicken hummus~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 chicken breast with sprinkling of lemon pepper in a frying pan [ceramic or cast iron, NOT Teflon] in about two tsps. of Olive oil.
Heat on low to medium, cook on both sides for a few minutes each side.
Make a paste of twp Tbs. of Hot pepper hummus,
Two tsps. of lemon juice and
four or fewer finely chopped cloves of garlic.
Smear this paste on the cooking chicken breast, cover and continue to cook for several minutes [time depends on thickness of meat]
prepare some Spring Asparagus by gently simmering it for a few minutes. Serve and eat. Yummy!

Here are a few things that I’m going to be taking to aid my recovery:

Complete Liver Cleanse~Stimulates bile flow, rids the liver of toxins.

Milk thistle-liver improvement-detox

grapeseed antioxidant

Coral Calcium

Chromium-improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels

zinc-healing-development, reproduction, digestion, respiration and proper brain, nerve, vision and immune function


Cinnamon to regulate blood glucose levels

flax seed oil- antioxidant- also for digestion

Psyllium plus-digestion

Bilberry-eye health-diabetic vision support

Alpha lipoic acid for Liver healing; antioxidant

(1)Diabetes Mellitus and Ramadan fasting/ The Yemen Times

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