Monday, April 16, 2007


I said the other day there just might be something to this exercise thing. I haven't been able to do much this last two weeks due to the weather change and the pain settling in my muscles and bones. I'm a big baby when it comes to pain, if it hurts I won't do it. Even a little hurt stops me from bending, walking, using the stairs.

Anyway I’ve had no exercise except just getting dressed every day [some housework] and going to church. Not Nearly enough exercise for me to be sure.

I heard today on one of those morning news shows that exercise experts haven’t settled the issue amongst themselves as to whether aerobic exercise is best or just weight training. They had a entertaining little argument going. Here again we are getting one-size-fits-all-advice.

My thought is: being physically active is good, I don’t like exercise equipment, I used to bike a lot, but I actually used it for transit, I was very fit then. I’m way too mortal to bike now, the occasional fall would mess me up good! Running is not my idea of a good time and I hate to sweat, having had two decades plus of back-to-back hot flashes cured me of my love for sweat [as if!]. I get exercise aplenty working in my shop, running up and down my steps doing laundry. BUT, and this is a big BUTT [just kidding], I have an improved diet now, the hot flashes have slowed way down and I’ve actually been very cold outside in these days we’ve had of Perma-frosty air. Walking on the cold concrete in my garage has really hurt my hips and knees. I have feet that never stood a chance in this world, they were not built to normal specifications and have hurt ALL my life. All this has impeded my getting exercise.

My blood sugar has settled recently in the 120’s where it’d been in the 1-teens before, I have to do something to change this, so I need to move around. I’m very muscular inside the fat so I weigh more than I look like and all this added fat is hard on my heart and hard on my frame to drag around, so getting moving for me IS exercise. I don’t huff and puff anymore, but I’m taking it easy. You, of course can consult with your physician to keep you working at your level, you might need to use exercise equipment.

This summer, if it ever gets here... I’ll have an acre of lawn to mow each week, and my 650 square feet of gardens to maintain. Now, I have very little to do.
I did get some painting and re-potting done, I moved some of my garden ‘art’ put into place outside. I’m mostly puttering but this afternoon I’ll be doing quite a bit of walking buying my birthday present.

Have a great day
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Katy Brezger

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