Monday, April 9, 2007

Somogyi effect VS. Dawn Phenomenon

When your blood sugar does it's weird thing, no food intake and your blood glucose levels start fluctuating all by themselves.

(1)"During periods of hypoglycemia, the body releases hormones (glycogen and epinephrine) which send signals to the liver to release stored glucose. The end result is that the glucose level can swing too high in the other direction, causing hyperglycemia.

The cause of the Somogyi effect is said to be “man-made”—that is, a result of insulin or diabetes pills working too strongly at the wrong time."

The Somogyi effect can be eleviated by testing, and talking to your doctor.
I find the earlier I take my blood sugar reading the lower it tends to be. This is
from the Dawn Phenomenon. Here are some recommendations to deal with it.

>Exercise later in the day, which may have more of a glucose-lowering effect in the night.
>Talk with your doctor about a possible medication adjustment to control the higher fasting readings.
>Limit bedtime carbohydrates and try more of a protein/fat type of snack (nuts, peanut butter, cheese, or meat).
>Eat breakfast to limit the dawn phenomenon’s effect. By eating, your body will signal the counterregulatory hormones to turn off. This concept can be a little perplexing, as people often say, “But if I don’t eat, shouldn't my sugar go down?” The opposite is true. By not eating, or skipping meals, it is fairly common to see higher glucose values as a result.
Back when my blood sugar was way outta control I used to wake up really sick if I ate a late night snack with any sugar or fat in it. Now I just get up very early to test to see truer readings than those after my liver tries to flood my body with its stored glucose.

(2)"Dawn Phenomenon, and its associated increase in insulin resistance, is the reason most diabetics are far more sensitive to carbs in the morning."
Its a natural effect all of us experience, due to release of hormones late at night during most of our fasting times.
I will try the above recommended fixes for the Dawn phenomenon and see which works for me.
For the T1 diabetics who experience the Somogyi effect, to prevent a Liver Dump, there are other ideas to try; like having a snack late at night to prevent a huge release in glucose when the Liver is triggered by 'hunger'.

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(2) dawn phenomenon

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