Friday, April 6, 2007


One size, does it ever really work? I'd say it doesn't work for anyone. People are so different and our bodies metabolize differently. In fact just about every part of our systems react in, at least, a slightly different way from the "norm".

Just as a for instance; My 'normal' body temperature is between 99 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This made life, in the hospital difficult at times when everyone was just sure that since my temperature was higher than the 98.6 it's supposed to be, I must be running a fewer.

I'm saying this because if I eat some piece of chocolate, and another diabetic eats a piece of chocolate it will cause our blood sugar levels to rise or fall in a different manner. That's just the way it is, One size does not fit all. Unfortunately the Medical community treats us all the same. My cholesterol level is one number, yours is another but if they are over the 'line' by certain degree we are both in danger,I agree but we are in danger to a different degree. My husband can eat certain food groups over and over and not get the same bodily response I do. Partly it's due to his not having diabetes and I do. We share the same predispositions towards getting diabetes, but I have it and he doesn't. We ate all the same wrong foods, and still I have diabetes and he doesn't.

My point? Besides the one on the top of my head is that nothing is carved in stone relating our health aside from the obvious, drinking poison kills, a hammer can break a bone. We all need to listen to our bodies and decide for ourselves what is normal and what isn't, what kinds and portions of foods we can tolerate, to pay attention to what we do and how it affects us. We get one body in this life and it certainly behooves us to take care of it. We can't depend on someone who schedules in patients four every 15 minutes [and charges each a $50.00 office visit charge].

Pay attention to what you eat and how much and how it affects you.
I have a story about a Woman I used to work with. She was under 30 a mom and delivery driver for a florist. She had frequent Migraine headaches, mostly so severe she couldn't work. She went from doctor to doctor and took one pill after another. One day she ate a big Mac with fries, and noticed she got a whopper of a migraine just after it [well d'uh]. Now she was armed with the why she could eliminate at least the frequency of the headaches.

This is what I'm talking about, Think, pay attention, if you come home with a bad case of neck strain every time the freeway is backed up on the way home, Hey! Maybe it's stress that causes that pain. Do some special exercises, take yoga, take a different route home, Get informed, BE PROACTIVE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, one size does not EVER fit anyone.
NEED ENERGY but can't take stimulants?
Maybe some B-12 sub lingual lozenges?

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