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Exercise debt

1. Something owed, such as money, goods, or services.
a. An obligation or liability to pay or render something to someone else.
b. The condition of owing: a young family always in debt.
3. An offense requiring forgiveness or reparation; a trespass."

For those of us who have had a active life and quit for a time this debt is extremely important. Muscle weighs more than fat and when fat is layered over the muscle it means we are carrying even more weight for our hearts to support.

About 20 years ago I had a mountain bike; I rode everywhere, in the city, in the mountains, I was in shape. Then I got carpal tunnel syndrome and could no longer ride because when riding all the upper body weight is resting on the wrists. So, I sat, and sat and sat until I'd had the surgery and was healed up. Then I no longer wanted to exercise. My bike had been stolen and I just wanted to sit now. This is where the debt comes in, if you are active you want to stay active, if you are sedentary your body gets used to it and begins to deteriorate no longer wanting to be active.

A jump-start is needed to get moving again.

Ok how about finding out you have a life-[and limb]threatening disease that will probably shorten your life by at least 15 years?

The New England Journal of Medicine May 3,2001; 344: 1343-1350, 1390-1392
"Diet and exercise can put diabetes into remission"
But many Doctors don't know this or pretend to not know this, and will be setting you up on a program of testing and insulin injection and never ever telling you the whole truth.

So, will I just be going along with the program set up by someone who really doesn't have my **BEST** interests at heart but those of the current Medical community? I.E. "drugs are the solution to every problem".

You may not realize this but Doctors are well paid for prescribing drugs. It's part of their training to give drugs for any and all human condition. Nutrition is NOT stressed in their schooling. If you are sad, take a pill, if you are happy-there's a pill for that too. If you don't want to get pregnant, "Here's a pill". If you DO want to get pregnant, there's medication for that too. There are dangers to these pills? "Why, yes, of course but there are dangers in being too sad or happy, pregnant or not-pregnant too, so, "Just Listen to me, I'm a health Professional, [see the red letters on my chest, and my cape?] Trust me, This is good for you."

Researchers spend huge amounts of money [remember that long walk you took to "cure" this or that?] Well, the government spends a lot also to get researchers to come up with new "cures". Then they come up with a new pharmeceutical solution to suppress or stimulate this or that. The whole world hails this as an accomplishment. BUT, [and this is a big but] the expense of paying researchers and keeping the facility lighted and warm are huge and must be passed along to the consumers, so The price is very high for this new wonder drug.

[aside]Another good reason the drug is very expensive is that advertising for this drug is very expensive also. Drug companies are in the business of making money, so how do they get doctors to prescribe their product? They advertise in expensive magazines and on TV, they ALSO offer Doctors incentives for prescribing this medication. Some incentives include VACATION TRIPS, TANGIBLE OBJECTS AND MONEY.[/aside]

OK, you are at the doctor's office and you tell him I have ___ condition, He sees $$ signs and reaches for his prescription pad to give you what they think you want.

With the rising costs for Medical Insurance, many people don't have any medical care, the pool a doctor has to make his living from [and everyone deserves a good living] is dwindling. He's been stiffed in his office call payments by patients who don't pay, or medical insurances who disallow certain procedures.
Oh and btw an uninsured patient has to pay as much as 3 times what the insurance companies pay for most charges. [this is true!!!][/aside]

Now a Physician finds the riches he was expecting by becoming an MD are not materialising, You can't really blame him [or her, of course] for taking a little extra for giving medications to the patients who ask for them anyway.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Why don't Md's tell you that you can go into diabetic remission from the use of judicious eating habits and exercise?

It doesn't pay.

And this is where you [you and I] come in, Take control of your life, get good advice and do your homework, get well, pay your debt to yourself, eating better to repay the debt of nutrition to your body, and get some exercise to repay your exercise debt.

Here are a few things to help you get started. [because I need to make a living [oh is that what you call it? Yeah precious little but it's something heh heh]
These are some supplements that have really helped me:
Grape seed extract=One of the most powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, grape seed extract is 20 times more potent than Vitamin C, and 50 times more potent than Vitamin E. Our grape seed extract features Activin, the premium quality grape seed extract containing high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC's), antioxidants which can diminish the effects of free radicals. OPC’s are water-soluble making them easily absorbed by the body. They are also able to cross the blood-brain barrier helping provide antioxidant protection for the brain and nervous system.

Studies have shown that ActiVin® Grape Seed Extract is a super antioxidant far more powerful than vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. Activin is made by a unique, patented process, which uses only natural ingredients, the same ingredients found in red wine: water and ethanol.

Studies have shown that the active ingredients in grape seed extract have beneficial effects on a variety of conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Studies have shown that the active ingredients in grape seed extract have beneficial effects on a variety of conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and pancreatitis

Bilberry (Vaccinum myrtillus) is a European berry shrub very similar to the blueberry or huckleberry found in the United States. Like most herbal supplements, the use of Bilberry goes back centuries with medicinal usage recorded as early as the beginning of the 16th century. It’s primary usage then was to treat diarrhea and stomach problems. Bilberry’s modern usage began in earnest during World War II. The story is told that British and U. S. pilots began eating bilberries as part of their diet. They soon discovered a marked improvement in their night vision as they flew missions over Europe.

Since then extensive research has identified the specific vital ingredients in Bilberry and verified their beneficial actions for the eyes and circulatory system. Bilberry is high in a substance called flavonoids, chemically known as polyphenols. Bilberry’s flavonoids are anthocyanosides that enhance microcirculation throughout the body. Research has shown this effect to be particularly noticeable in the delicate blood vessels supplying the retina of the eye. The retina is where the major functions of vision occur.

As a supplement, Bilberry plays an important role in improving and maintaining eye health. Bilberry is a common treatment for many varieties of retinopathy, a disorder in which the intricate blood vessels and nerves of the retina are damaged. In France, bilberries have been prescribed since 1945 for diabetic retinopathy, a major cause of blindness in diabetics.

Green tea is one of the most popular herbal supplements in the world. It has been used for thousands of years, especially by Asian cultures for its many health benefits. These benefits include cholesterol reduction, weight loss, increased immune function and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Green tea leaf is rich in catechin polyphenols including EGCG - a powerful antioxidant. Research indicates that EGCG may be beneficial for heart and circulatory health. The effects of Green Tea and EGCG have been studied extensively at the Mayo clinic.

There are many green tea extracts, but they are not all equal. The best green tea products will contain the optimal level of 50% naturally occurring catechins. Vitabase Green Tea extract is produced by a European phytopharmaceutical company and is manufactured under strict European quality control standards without the use of harsh solvents. Like all European herbal extracts, the extraction of our green tea extract is regulated to the same high standards as over-the-counter drugs. It is meticulously extracted to provide the optimal level of 50% natural occurring catechins.



safely augument-insulin OR OTHER MEDS to limit diabetic damage-diabetes mellitus
control blood sugar, Reduce Cravings, stimulate insulin production, limit nerve damage and optimize other meds you are taking.
Take control over your life without
drugs alone

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Optimum Diabetics- Diabetic support formula

Scientifically formulated to provide nutritional support for people with diabetes. Each supplement includes a complete, full-potency formulation of vitamins, minerals and standardized herbal extracts. If you are not always eating a balanced diet, Optimum Diabetics Health Supplement provides the nutrients that you may be missing. Including: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bitter Melon Fenugreek ,Gymnema, Vanadium
Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bitter Melon  Fenugreek ,Gymnema, Vanadium diabetes mellitus   gestational  symptoms  diet   type   patients  symptoms prevention   children diabetes   diabetes pathophysiology    hypoglycemia insulin resistance

Nutrigensis- to get your whole body healthy

For solving multiple related health problems could be for you if you: have heartburn/ acid reflux/ GERD, diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids or bad breath (halitosis)and choose not to take chemical drugs. *have been taking drugs without much improvement. *have been suffering from side effects of drugs. *have been actually deteriorating and choose to replace the drugs with natural approach. * want to correct your problems by eliminating the root causes. * may be suffering from diabetes, you want to lose weight, but do not want to use products which contain stimulants. *want to lower your cholesterol level, and not want to take expensive prescription drugs which have liver toxicity and can cause muscular degeneration NUTRAGENSIS- acne? PMS? menopausal hot flashes / night sweats?   constipation?  irritable bowel syndrome?  ibs    disease    irritable bowel   remedies   diarrhea gas irritable bowl syndrome   inflammatory bowel disease   crohn's colitis   gastrointestinal irritable bowell syndrome bowel blockage inflammatory bowel gas

Remember today is the first day of the rest of your life,live it NOW, If a problem takes 5 years to correct, start now so in five years you are WELL! With Diabetes it doesn't take that long to effect a change.

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