Thursday, May 17, 2007


The reason I began this journey was (1)Dr. Julian Whitaker's book REVERSING DIABETES. I got excited and took a few basic ideas from his book and ran with it. I ate a low calorie, low-protein, low(no)-fat low-salt, no-sugar, bland, nearly no food diet for two weeks, I had phenomenol results!
Next was (2)THE SUGAR SOLUTION by Sari Harrar with its complicated glycemic index, 50? 55? 75? Which is best?

I was losing weight and my blood glucose was going down drastically, but I'd completely lost my will to live, I was so hungry, I've fasted before and felt better... something had to give, there had to be something I COULD eat!
I had already read (3)THE PERRICONE PROMISE by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, but I didn't trust anyone, I started going on (4)Dr. Mercola's site, and I learned there really wasn't anything I could eat. In the meantime my blood sugar levels were going down and I lost more weight.

My girlfriend found me the pain free food list on (they moved it so you'll have to see the list on my site), I've posted the list on Thursday, April 12, 2007 entry Dis-ease. I started going by those guidelines and put a few pounds back on..

Then I read about (5)Dr. Young and his alkalizing foods diet~PH MIRACLE, I got excited again and started going by their food lists.

I did a liver and colon cleanse, and got a doozy of a herxheimer reaction in the form of a four week long multiple symptom allergic reaction. a few pounds came back and brought their best friends.

Somewhere in here I learned that Neem leaves could not only remove any parasites I might have but also help heal the candidiasis, and IBS I have to contend with while 'curing' the diabetes, so I'm trying that.

Someone told me I should read (6)Dr. Bernstein's book THE DIABETES DIET, I really learned a lot about what carbohydrates are and what they aren't, and how to get the best out of a diet for me, but I had a few disagreements with some of his recommendations so today I got a call (Oh how I love writing this blog, I'm hearing from people from ALL over getting so much great information I can sift through and seewhat works for the unique person with unique problems that I am and you are.)

also I'm taking cell powerThis stuff is worth it's weight in gold to help the body to re-alkalinize my body and renew my good health I had as a child. It's amazing!
I've am taking some drops of this every day and will, in time de-acidify my body and I'll be diabetes-free! That's what I'm going to do! I'll be finished with the Neem course by the time I get the cell power next week. I am pretty regulated as to my bg levels and losing weight, but I'm really supposed to be taking Neem for several months, and this is supposed to work, permanently in just 1 month. Stay tuned and we'll find out together. Am I gullible? You bet, am I completely crazy? Well, we'll see!

In the meantime, I'm covering all the bases and still taking these:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

I hear I can lower my blood glucose level a whopping 30 points by taking this before meals.

Probiotic-Suprema Dophilus

extra virgin coconut oil

Milk thistle-liver improvement-detox

my favorite psyllium product

Candidiasis-get it out!

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