Friday, May 4, 2007


My blood glucose level last night was 103, in fact it was very low all day, I went to a Diabetic support group and they always check us at an odd time for me 2pm. Nevertheless the bg was still low at 108.

I had skipped lunch because I just wasn't hungry. I don't believe I have to eat because the hands on a clock are in a certain postion. Of course I was very hungry at Dinner, I had no 'bad' snacks but ate some roasted chicken and carrots, lots of carrots.

This morning the bg was 131, which surprises me as I only had to get up a miraculous *ONCE* All night. The night before I had to get up five times! Now five is very unusual but ONCE(!?)it's unbelievable.

All in All I believe I'm definately healing. The herxheimer is better too, I'm just a little stuffy nosed today. It's odd how even though I do frequent liver flushes This one has been so much more dramatically effective. I really like the products I'm getting from the company I'm buying from now.

I'm much more informed now about things like the best herbs for liver cleansing, probiotics, the relation between blood sugar and my food intake and exercising.

They used to say if Diabetics were more informed about how to care for themselves they wouldn't die as readily or have all the usual complications, I think there's a lot to that, but they neglect to tell you that taking large doses of insulin frequently is dangerous to you on a cellular level. I have no references for this I'm just going by an accumulated sum of knowledge from all my reading and research.
At any rate diabetics are still dying and getting amputated, and going blind just like they were before all this knowledge was imparted.

Is it possible they aren't learning the right things? Are they not learning that it's not fats that are bad it's trans fats, and just awful non-food things that are harmful. Well the food industry doesn't want you to know that hydrogenated oils are like adding any other nasty substance to your body, they are dangerous. Or that processed foods are NOT foods, they are like adding poison, no they ARE poisons in a healthy body. Yet, these 'foods' are exactly what are fed to people in hospitals, nursing homes and are mentioned as good sources of vitamins and nutrients in official bullitins.

I think I've hit on the real nail here. OFFICIALs have to tell you that processed food has the same nutritive values as the original food components do, because the food industry would go broke if people knew the truth, Officials Have to tell you that all carbohydrates are the same value in regards to damage to your diabetic diet, they say do food exchanges eat pretty much what you like. Other wise certain food producers would lose money.

Officials Have to tell you that in order to get your diabetes under control all you need is what(?) More Insulin! They have to tell you that coconut oil is bad and corn oil is good.

I finally had to throw out All the official stuff and learn exactly what the truth really is.

I found out that eating microwaved foods actually alters my blood chemistry. I found out that coconut oil is good for me and pasteurizing is very very bad for me.
I've learned that cooking with teflon releases extremely harmful gasses that can kill some birds(so what is it doing to us?). Yet officially both products are harmless, and pasteurizing makes for good, safe food. NOT!

I've learned that the FDA is not our friend, Although I must admit I did know that all along. I've come to all of this by questioning everything in the frst place because I'd been shown that what the officials tell us is usually wrong. I learned the hard way, but trial and error, trial by the officials(usually M.D.'s) and error in my health results(a stroke from 'safe' medication, botched surgeries, overdosing of antibiotics). I've found out the best we can get from *OFFICIALs* is disinformation. By following the "party line" they put us All in danger.

So, where does that lead me-us? As for me I go to websites my daughter warns me against, to:,,, and so many wonderful sites I get from blog comments on Dr. Mercola's and from folks who send me url's to my email address. I learn, gleaning a kernal here, a clue there and I'm off researching things like the relatively unknown Master Antioxidant Glutathione!

I've been practicing EFT, although I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly as I haven't got the "exciting results" I hear others get. But I have a secret weapon that others don't have but could if they knew about it, I have a Kenko wave Machine, a far infred treatment system. It works by shooting pulsing red laser light at affected areas. I use it on aches and pains, small burns on my hands, and lately on deeper issues like constipation, it WORKS! Today I will be using it on my liver and pancreas. I was given this wonderful little device by a friend in Seattle. It has been under-utilized because I didn't realize until recently what a miracle it is. You can contact her concerning the purchase of this little miracle,
Ask about the far-infred machine.

In the meantime, I'm using these cleanses:

7-day colon cleanse

AND Complete Liver Cleanse

I'll be getting this in the mail and will begin to take it immediatly to replace the C.Albacans I'm getting rid of with good flora
Suprema Dophilus- probiotics please write I love hearing from you and I do answer all my email.

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