Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ok I was going to take this to my grave but what de hay, I’ll give out this secret of nearly instant belly size reduction. And it’s easy!

>Stand straight, pull in the buttocks and suck in the belly as hard as you can, try to breathe normally, count to 10, and do it several times a day, more often the quicker the results, if you are in public pretend you are stretching. In 10 days or less (!) you WILL see a difference, your clothes will fit better, you will be able to bend more easily, that belly muscle set will have taught itself to be much tighter, and all with no floor time or crunches! For women- if you want to tone up the upper arms at the same time hold both arms straight and behind you like you are being handcuffed, and rapidly raise and lower them, hold the arms straight.

>Better lung capacity technique. For those of us with lazy lungs or short torsos, increase your lung capacity by breathing in as deeply as you can, feel the air fill your lungs and go right into your belly pushing All the way out. Hold your mouth open and head back, keeping your airway open breathe in until you can hold no more and it feels like air can move freely in and out of your lungs just by holding the airways completely open. If you do it right it will seem like you could hold it like that forever, slowly let it out and repeat three times. Again just pretend you are stretching.

Oh and I find I cannot eat large quantities of oatmeal (Whew) my blood sugar goes way up, so it's back to the drawing board metaphorically speaking to find a really good source of fiber, one without the oxalate's of spinach.

Yesterday I ate and ate and ate, I even chewed up four teaspoons of flax seeds. I was stuffed and had a cooresponding high blood sugar in the AM to show for it, I finally got lots of fiber but too much food I NEED to continue to lose weight, so back to the Yahoo search I went for more information on soluable fiber sources for Diabetics.

(1)good sources of fiber
"The flesh of fresh fruits and vegetables, certain grains, legumes and seeds are all good sources of soluble fiber.
Though all plant cells contain both
soluble and insoluble fibers in varying amounts, some foods are more abundant in one type of fiber. Some foods especially rich in the soluble type of fiber are: apples,
apple sauce, pears, prunes, citrus fruits, strawberries, bananas, potatoes, kidney beans, baked beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, navy beans, soy beans, peas,
spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, baked potato, sweet potato, seaweed,
granola, oats, oatmeal, barley, rye, rice, psyllium seeds, and flax seeds. The highest concentration of soluble fiber is found in dried fruit."

Many fruits have too much sugar for diabetics so I'm going to stick with apples and raisins, psyllium, navy beans, spinach, celery, brocolli, zuchinni, tomatoes and onions.

Oh you missed tomatoes,zucinni and onions on the above list? well here are their values.

zuchinni~1C cooked=3 grams
onions~1/2C chopped=1 gram
celery~2 med.7-8" stalks=1.3 grams (beta Carotene: 216 mcg )
tomatoes~1C chopped raw=1 gram
for the values of the rest see the last two day's blogs.

In addition onions don't have any cholesteral or fat but they do have lots of folic acid, you remember folic acid? The part of the B vitamin complex that effects brain power? Helps in development of not only babies but also memory in Adults!

I also happen to be growing Zuchinni and tomatoes, garlic, strawberries, blueberries using heirloom seeds so that I'm getting the healthiest foods available.

Why no grains in my diet? I've been doing a lot of reading that grains are not good for me on a low carbohydrate diet, well it actually goes way beyond a low carb diet but we'll leave it at that for now, Of course very high in sugar fruits are eliminated for the same reason. I suggest anyone not already familiar with Dr. Mercola go to and you will learn a heap!


Powerful antioxidant Health promoting compound found in grapes, pine trees, peanuts and other plants Counteracted negative results of high fat diets Clinical studies being conducted in diabetes and other age-related diseases Improved insulin sensitivity

Eskimo 3~liquid fish oil

Positively impacts cholesterol levels. Protects the heart by preventing blood clots and keeping other fats from injuring arterial walls. Provides protection against coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

Nutrigensis~Whole body healing from withinIBS syndrome treatments cure causes bloating bowel stress constipation irritable bowel syndrome ibs diet treatment colitis disease irritable bowel remedies diarrhea gas irritable bowl syndrome inflammatory bowel disease pain medication irritable herbal medications treatment digestive relief symptom medicine herbs cures diagnosis foods eating medical functional gastrointestinal disorders bowel obstruction bowel self help home remedies short bowel syndrome support group green bowel prep colitis diet small bowel iratable bowel irritable bowell syndrome bowel blockage inflammatory bowel blood in bowel chogenic bowel control bowel cleanse lymphocytic colitis no bowel symptoms of colitis crohns c difficile colitis ulcerated colitis clostridium difficile colitis irritale bowel syndrome ulcerative colitis diet obstructed bowel bowel gas what is crohn's disease inflammatory bowel syndrome

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thetabeing said...

Kate, I love your blogs. Keep up the good work. Where can I find out about the,"Neem", stuff you are on?

Katybr55 said...

thetabeing, I'm not too sure the Neem is a good idea, I'm suffering from the worst rash/allergic reaction I've ever had, I'm temporarily OFF the Neem. but you can get it from: It's $9.68 plus shipping.

Katy B.