Thursday, May 31, 2007


One sure thing we will have in life; yes, Besides death and taxes is STRESS most likely caused by taxes or death in some form or other. Everything in life seems to kick in our 'fight or flight' mode, and the corresponding adrenaline RUSH. Many times we can’t either fight or flee so all this adrenaline just sits in our cells, pooling; it’s huge energy stores fouling our peace, and we can’t get rid of it so we get stressed! Except, well, yes we can, we can practice deep breathing exercises, and we can channel all that energy in positive ways, I have hobbies, lots of them, For instance today I built a small narrow set of shelves, painted it and it awaits [drying in the garage] my antiquing it and placing it in the spot I made it for on my commodious desk. I also garden, and sew and landscape. I have a pretty decent shop in my garage and two sewing machines in my workroom. I write too but you knew that.

I’m going to fill up some of the space today with pictures because I’m too busy being busy.

Did you know that stress can raise your blood sugar? Well I can’t afford that, and I don’t have to worry, because there is nearly Always something to do.

This winter I had to put rugs in my garage on the floor because it was so cold and the hard cold concrete was making my feet ache, but still I had to keep busy.

And that’s what I’m talking about, keeping your hands and mind busy is so helpful for recovery. Sitting around stewing also raises the blood sugar levels.

Don’t believe me? Ok I wouldn’t either, so here is someone else saying pretty much the same thing.

(1) Stress results from increasing demands - on muscles, emotions, time and attention. Stress can be exhilarating. Blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and metabolism increase. But when the demands are too great, too frequent and too prolonged, stress can become harmful.
Stress can lead to health problems, such as insomnia, headaches, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders and heart disease, and mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

And here are some of their suggestions for relieving stress:
· “exercise regularly
· learn relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises
· make time for fun, hobbies and recreation
· compromise rather than confront
· be reasonable in your expectations; don't expect perfection in yourself or others
· organize tasks and handle them one at a time
· know your limits and learn to say no
· maintain a healthful lifestyle: get enough rest, eat well, and limit alcohol and caffeine
· talk to someone about your concerns and worries - a family member, a friend, or a mental health practitioner”
Ok ‘nuff with the technical stuff you know I’m right.
First are my new shelf pictures, I needed some displaying area and to disguise the air conditioner behind it:

Here are the tomatoes I told you all about before:Nutrition begins at home

and finally some garden pix I’m proud of:
Hedge garden
Back garden
After driving all night, a man arrived in a small town where he decided to stop in the local park and catch some sleep. Just as he dozed off, there was a knock on the window. Outside the car, was a jogger.
"Excuse me, can you give me the time?" the jogger inquired.
"Groggily, the man replied, "It's 6:27."
The man closed his eyes and just as he dozed off there was another knock on the window. There stood another jogger who said, "I'm sorry to disturb you. Do you have the time?", Struggling to keep up his spirits he replied,

"It's 6:34."
The man rolled up the window but realizing that this could go on indefinitely, he took paper and pen and created a sign which read:
He stuck the sign in the window, closed his eyes, and was barely asleep when there came yet another tap on the window. The man looked and sure enough, there was another jogger. He disgustedly rolled down the window and said, "Yeah, what is it?"
The jogger replied, "It's 6:42."


"A man frantically telephoned his wife's obstetrician, "My wife is having a baby, and her contractions are only two minutes apart!"
"Is this her first child?" the doctor queried.
"No, you idiot!" the man retorted "This is her husband!"

In Case You're Planning A Trip To The Mountains

"In light of the rising frequency of human grizzly bear conflicts, the U.S. Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, hunters, and fishermen to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while in the field. We advise that outdoorsmen wear noisy little bells on their clothing so as not to startle bears that aren't expecting them. We also advise outdoorsmen to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a bear. It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity. Outdoorsmen should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear scat. Black bear scat is smaller and contains lots of berries and squirrel fur. Grizzly bear scat has little bells in it and smells like pepper."

Don’t forget about: coconut oil
Here is what I use to help me de-acidify my body to rid myself of diabetes.
cell power

I'm continuing with the regular diabetes supplements
Milk thistle,...
Glutathione-the master antioxidant,...
Ester-C for cell renewal, healing better absorbed Vitamin C, ...
Flax seed oil antioxidant,digestive aid, ...
bilberry, for eye protection and healing,...
Psyllium plus-digestion,weight loss,...
Alpha lipoic acid for Liver healing; antioxidant,...
ZINC for healing, essential for diabetics especially,...
CHROMIUM,another essential for diabetics, converts any energy spent into muscle,...
SELENIUM, needed by diabetcs,...
TRI-MAGNESIUM the last of the four essential minerals for diabetic healing, after I'm proclaimed "healed" I will take many fewer supplements.

(1)CNN health/stress


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